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WIP: Tercero-Anakin Model


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Leave for a few days and WOW!


Great Job Tercero.


A thought about the pose thats its being compared to, could you render an image that is the same direction as the reference...


Looking forward!


Oh and about teh whole Lightsaber hanging from cliup thing, any news?




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I just wanted to let people know that I might go a while without updated. This doesn't mean that I'm not working on the model - quite to the contrary, actually. Like I mentioned earlier, I'm remodeling some of his clothing to get in a higher level of detail and realism.


Things tend to get pretty ugly when I'm in the middle of a remodel, so I won't really have much reason to post WIP shots - it'll just look like I'm making things worse until I get it finished.


The remodel on the clothing should be well worth the bit of extra time that it will take. Every jedi I make hereafter will be based on Anakin's clothing, so I want to get it done right now so that all the projects I release later will look as good as they possibly can.


Just know that the project is far from dead - I'm working hard on the clothing remodel just as I did on the face, and when I'm done, the changes should be just about as drastic. I'm going to try and trim the polycount down to just what is going to show up and affect the deformation of the model, and add new polys to better effect.


I'll still be watching the thread as closely as ever, so if anyone has any questions or suggestions, don't hesitate to post them.

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Originally posted by Ulic Quel Droma

darthnasty, whats your avatar from?


Originally posted by BradFu

I think that Avatar is Jack Bauer from 24, played by Keifer Sutherland (though of course, I could be mistaken ;) )


Yep that is correct:)

well spotted bradfu


Originally posted by K.O

24 was a kick ass show btw.


that is also correct:)



Anyway back on topic, are you still planning to make that huge list of anakin skins?

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Originally posted by jessman233

Personally I've talked to a few coders. They say that it isn't possible to make a new animation for multiplayer (showing him/her latching the hilt to the belt) but you can use a current animation that may look similar. So it is possible to to that in multiplayer. Why no one has done it yet is beyond me.


Jedimod 1.2 and JediPlus have emotes called /super, in which the player puts his or her hands on their hips. It looks quite like the saber is being holstered.

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Yep - still planning a list of skins - that's actually part of the reason for the remodel of the body - if I'm going to make a number of skins, I want the model to be perfectly designed for them. The way that it was laid out before, it would have been tough to make skins other than the one that was already on there...

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Originally posted by JEDI_Anakin_S



I think it's just the shape of the hairline where it meets the top of the forehead, and not the actual height of it.


I think the shape of the model's hairline is correct, but the light source on the photo of Anakin is shining off of some of the blond streaks in his hair, making his hairline blend in more with his forehead. His hair reflecting the light makes his hairline appear a different shape than it really is.

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hey tercero i think you are one of the top notch modelers out there. your anakin is coming out great. very precise and accurate. i have an idea, how about DARTH MAUL. make it with 3 skins, 1 with regular outfit, 2 with a robe and the hood, and 3 shirtless showing his body tatoo. this is just a suggestion. this idea just pop up in my head right after i seen the screen shots of your anakin model. and i was thinking with your skills and talent you can pull it off.




hey everybody what do you think. ( Darth Maul ) good or bad idea???

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As far as I know Chesire hasn't left, he made a post like last week, because someone was asking if they could use his Vader in a mod, and he said for legality reasons, he wouldn't allow his model to be used in any mods just yet. But keep up the good work Tercero. I think he said that he was planning on Padme Amidala, but might also to another project in between this one and Padme. If he is doing Padme next.

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Don't get me wrong chesire's darth maul is great one of the best models out there. but there are a couple of flaws. i think in my opinion the model looks skinny. also i've notice when you are taunting or moving the arms back and forth the upper arms seems to sagg. it looks like its stretching out off the shoulders. and plus its getting old, its not exciting as it was at first. i was hoping for an up dated version but i don't think Chesire is planning on that.

I think creating another darth maul is a good idea. specially by tercero.having variety of outfits i think we'll bring back the essence of this character. and also make darth maul fans happy.



Wouldn't this be a kool model:



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