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WIP: Tercero-Anakin Model


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Tereco, just wanted to say that you have a great model, and I have been watching the progress of it for quite a while. I don't post because I'm not a big help in pointing out problems and details you seem to welcome. But, when Wei St Paliv gave you that bashing, I had to post.


I don't have much to say, except that I'm on your side, Tereco, and that you can take all the time in the world. Its quite amazing that you have been able to do what you have done, besides your hetic schedule.


I hope your life works out, I can't say much more than saying that your model is best I've ever seen, and that you could go far in the buisness if thats your big goal, but by seeing your ability to handle this model and everyones complements and critizem, it seems you could go far in any field.


I should probley post more often, even if its only to say that your model looks fantastic.


Can't wait to see the final release, even if it takes another year or so.




P.S. Oh, about your girlfriend, I thought I was having trouble with girls, but breaking up after two years, that must be hard. I wish I could relate, but I guess I can't.

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its ok that u r pissed at wei, tercero. dont blame ya.


wei, you gotta chill. 45+ hours a week is a lot, and if you are annoyed with this, make your own model. if you look at this model, you would understand that to get that level of detail, its gonna take a while. and unlike other modelers, who just give up on a model or never give updates, tercero keeps us updated, and is courteous and understanding with our criticism, feedback, and general complaints, and thats really cool. plus, hes goin through a tough time now, and the fact that he doesnt unleash his anger on all of us for no reason really shows his kindness, so lay off him. im not tryin to flame, but hes workin hard, and if you can do better, then you can flame him.

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Terc, you really don't have to explain yourself to anyone. It's apparent that your dedicated to this model in that you update consistently to let us know whats going on(even if every update doesn't come with a screenshot). Alot of other people (the Mace Windu thread for example) just disappear for months with no updates whatsoever. I appreciate your effort man.

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Originally posted by keo718

Terc, you really don't have to explain yourself to anyone. It's apparent that your dedicated to this model in that you update consistently to let us know whats going on(even if every update doesn't come with a screenshot). Alot of other people (the Mace Windu thread for example) just disappear for months with no updates whatsoever. I appreciate your effort man.


Yeah Terc, you keep doin what your doin,don't let some inconsiderate peon get too ya. Great work on the model,and thanks for the constant updates!



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Well it seems I have rustled a few feathers.


I would just like to say sorry Tercero I didnt know about your Girlfriend, I didnt know about you restarting the model and I thought that you where working on it everyday as you post pretty much everyday I saw.


I work at a games company and there is 112 people there, we are a big company. I dont think that there are any companies that have 300 People working on a game. If there was games would be produced in a matter of a few months not a year or so. 3D Artists make the models themselves they may have help with skinning the models, but 100% of the actual sculpting is done by them, there is no more than 3 or 4 people on 1 Model at a time as it would get crowed and confusing.


I am sorry to have been so nasty but as I stated before I typed any of that ****, yes I agree it was ****, I didnt mean to annoy anyone. I guess I got carried away with myself.


To Keo, I am sorry I could not help you with you Model, but I really didnt have time. Plus once Tercero releases his model, there wont be any need for New Anakin Models until Episode 3, which the sequel to Jedi Outcast will be out by then.


Tercero, please take this as my apologie and I wish you good luck with it.


-Chrono_MOT-, do you have a lot of free time on your hands, well by the ammount of crap you typed before, I guess you do. I suggest knitting or minding your own business, I didnt post that message for you, I never once mentioned you so I dont appreciate you getting in my face for expressing my veiws on the delay of the model. You may say you where expressing your views, but your views are 100% deliberatly to offend me. I said before I posted, I dont mean to offend.

So I suggest you put those excellent typing skills and your free tie together and produce somethng that smells alot better than that last post you made.


TO everyone, Tercero doesn't need to prove anything, he is one of the best modelers I have ever seen and I work with some amazing excentric modelers who do work you think aliens have made its so advanced. lol


I admit I am a fool to let the safety off like that, it wont happen again.

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Originally posted by Deetox187

Next time read more of the thread before you spew crap like that, you wouldn't have had to go too far back to see Tercero is having some problems.


Your post made me sick to my stomach, literally.


hey deetox where'd ya get that avatar,me likes :D

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Wei, I applaud you sir. You are a prime example that I am not needed to make you look like a true jackass.


*clap, clap, clap*


My post was not to 'deliberately' offend you, it was to make you see how incredibly selfish and idiotic you are being. You can say whatever you want to me. I happen to work in a profession where I get paid good enough and don't have to dedicate 80 hours a week of my life to other things.


Plus, I type incredibly fast, so I can make witty remarks and good arguments in the amount of time it takes you to come up with a single joke.


As for getting in your face, what are you going to do about it?


Thought so. Sit on the other side of this internet connection and rotate. My views are my views - if you don't like them oh well, live with it.


But your views are different. No one respects them or even cares about them in the slightest - because not only are they not warranted they are incredibly offensive to the artists themselves.


Ah well, looks like I went and wasted my time on another pathetic idiot trying to get attention. Reply if you really want to but it won't accomplish anything.

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ok.. *tosses his two copper into the circle*

first thing is first.. Tercero, dood i havent posted in a long while i think since wayyy back on page 15 or so, when i thought you were being flamed.. I rose up to your defence now it seems we have a new jackass..


I sense a disturbance in the force...


Wei let me say this... if you work for a computer gaming company please tell us which one.. Im interested in knowing what company hires such backassward, selfish, moronic, and oh did i mention illiterate... So i can call the PR people and tell them you are bashing the community's work on a great game.. perhaps Tercero could take your job.. I dont think thats too far fetched seeing that THE FREAKIN POSTS ABOUT HIS EX HAS BEEN ON EVERY PAGE FOR THE LAST UMPTEEN.....


If you have been waiting for this model then surely you must have read somewhere that the doods relationship flew south.


Oh one more thing.. If your post was only to Tercero then it should have been put in a pvt message... you know that feature that this forum offers?.. eh? no?... hmmm another prime example of the folks of atari 2600...


To all those that have been waiting like me and know by looking at this model the love of the game and the love of one of the truly greatest stories ever imagined that is the starwars saga..


This is not just anakin he is making.. this is his own peice of StarWars that he gets to create to make his own and doing so filling us with the love of the game.. and his love of creation and filling my screen when the time comes with impotent rage as only anakin skywalker can...


Yes when the model is done it will top charts.. it will be as no other model.. that is a fact.. No it isnt a competition.. I certainly never competed as a skinner.. im sure the other modelers arent going "Well crap that Tercero went and done it... now we have to model sebulba just to keep up with him"

No the other modellers play this game too and are waiting with the rest of us and in saying that


Oh no i feel the anger.........


Wei stfu you suck!

nuff said jerkoff?..

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This is the most entertaining fight since saik huwhatever his name is.:maize:


But also this isnt as critical as that fight soo i think. MR CHODER should go away and let us act as though this never happened.


I for one didnt know you only had that much time to work on your models every week. That is like how long it takes me to do my hair(its blue, yours would take awhile too). How you can use such a short period of time to make kick ass art is beyond me.


I have gained a whole new respect for you.


PS:i got a new gf on the way you should get one too make you almost forget bout the old ones. Trust me man my heart got **** on before too.

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You know with all the "support" you guys are giving Terc about his girlfriend (and I *know* you mean well) he's never going to be able to move on if there's someone constantly reminding him about it on this thread. As was said before, it's been stated in some way at least one time every page for several pages. We all support him, he appreciates it - but newcomers and old-timers alike have got to stop reminding him of it. Just my two cents...


As for this other argument, drop it NOW. If you guys end up getting this thread closed due to an argument, i'm gonna be pissed. If you have more to say, take it to PMs, please.



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I am sorry of what I said before, but if you keep it going then thats being even more of a Jackass than I was. I am obviously sorry about the comments I made, but if you want to flame and call me fit ti burn some more then do as it will prove you to be what you are.


I have a passion for Star Wars, a great burning one. I love Jedi knight, but I don't like people who flame me for mistakes I have made, even when I admit to them and apologise.


To the person who asked what comapny I work for, ShogunBlade, I work at Sony in the UK, I am not going to say anymore or reveal my realname. I don't have to be literate to be an Artist, I have Dyslexia and this mixed with superfast typing I tend to make mistakes.


Pnut_Master, you say a war of eager nerds, eager maybe, but nerds? What are nerds, but people who have a passion for what they love and arent affraid of showing it. A nerd you may say is someone with a quest for knowledge and wisdom, is that not what a Jedi is too? Aren't Jedi Nerds? They are a prime example and I for one am proud of who I am and if you think I am a Nerd, I am proud to be it.


Tercero, Good Luck with the model. Its looking good.


I don't spend too much time on these boards so I don't follow updates with anything or the social universe surrounding them, so I am sorry if I dont sift through hundreds of messages on loads of pages but I aint got that much time.


Thank You.

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For the last time, if you have something to say, use a PM (Private Messages), otherwise a moderator will step in to stop the arguing and that usually means closing the thread. STOP talking about it, everyone.


On a side note, i've seen more people with dyslexia on this board then anywhere else in real life.



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Jedi_Anakin_S is right, these petty arguements that should have been resolved with Wei apologized(again). People just need to get back on track with the model, and support Tercero by giving feedback on the model, not on his social life. Sometimes its best to not say anything about it. Let him take care of it, he's a big boy:) So I suggest dropping this ongoing arguement as of now.


Anyways, keep up the good work -Tercero-, can't wait to see the model in action (again). And Jedi_anakin_S, R2D202, he makes his own Avatars, as well as making avatars for other people like Shadriss and Keo718.

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