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WIP: Tercero-Anakin Model


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First I wanted to say how great it is that the thread is open again - thanks to everyone who got it started back up! This thread is a real inspiration to me - whenever I start to lose sight of why I'm still making the model, I can come here and am reminded.


As far as hilts and blades, the model will come with every hilt that Anakin uses in Ep 2 and Luke's from Ep 4. As for the blades, the model will also come packaged with my Tercero-Sabers, which are TCK mod compatible so you can create custom colors, and will also include a script written by Garik Loran and myself that will let you load and change saber color profiles on the fly. I'm going to include the Episode II color pack with the model, and the rest will either be available with the next release of Tercero-Sabers or they could also possibly wind up packaged with the model.


Also, for anyone interested in Tercero-Sabers, the new version will feature new collision sparks, new sounds and some slight improvements on the blades themselves, along with a number of color packs. The new version is actually tailored to work with the changes that we are making to saber combat in the Team Assault mod, but they look and sound pretty good in the standard game too. They are a lot better than the previous versions in my opinion. If you want a beta of some of the new changes to the sabers, just drop me an e-mail and I'll send 'em over!


And to those who are worried about my personal life, I just got back from a date with a really wonderful girl who I'm rather enamored with, so things are really looking positive for me right now. Now I'm just hoping that things keep on the way that they are going. Okay - enough off topic for me... just wanted to let everyone know that I'm okay and that I'm doing a lot better. Thanks for your support, and thanks for ressurecting my thread!

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Originally posted by JEDI_Anakin_S

So happy that you guys have all found each other again. :D It's always nice to see reunions.

Seriously though, you should this discussion to PMs or email before this thread is closed again. :(

BTW, nice avatar Seka.

Yeah we can't let this thread get closed again because the model is far to good for its thread to be closed cuz of off topics now do we still want to off topic


Back on topic *lol*

Can't wait for a update on this i love this model guys im excitted that someone could make a model this detailed good luck Terc!

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Honestly, I think that Terc is holding out a bit, and while a lot of things have been tweaked and changed, he wants the next update to be a substantial one.

I think w/o this thread he stagnates. Feedback and interest are an incredible dose of incentive to keep working and not let it get tossed to the side.

Every artist needs that in some form.

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Wow...I haven't posted here in a awhile...some new names with some old o.o...Btw, Chrono...I know you too, bud. :eek:



Joking. Anyway. This model is still coming along great as when I last posted here.I'm glad to see you haven't given up, Tercy. Great job, man. and hope everything ends up okay in the real world for ya too.

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Oh... OK. :D


Maybe he changes his outfit? Or maybe chooses a new hairdo (don't know if it's written like that)? Or....."goes on forever and forever listin' changes that can be done to make Anakin look different"


Or maybe we'll just wait and see the movie and then do/tweak the model, if necessary?


OK I'm shutting up now.;)

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