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007: Sleep no more


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Hello there, I have been interestd in making a 007 RP. I will be GM, and I will play the following parts:




Bad guy(whose name is NOT revealed yet)


any other minor, one-roled character



Darth Groovy has reservations for 007.



Parts left for the taking:


009(007's new partner)

Dr. Alexa Shaw(woman, scientist)

Dr. Lee Forester (guy, scientist)

Anything you can come up with, I'll see if I approve. If so, you're in. ;)



Requirements for participation:


You must be able to check in on this story every day.

You must abide by my decisions. (I am the game master, after all)

You must have some sort of Bond knowledge.

You must be able to add civil, reasonable parts. EX:


nothing like: "then a cat comes out of the dark and kills him, and dinosaurs rule the earth"


Well, you get it, I'm sure.


If you are interested in participation, just respond and pick your parts. ;)

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Opening Intro:



We open up on nightfall in a large metalic stronghold in a semi rural area in Canada. Guards with machine guns are abundant. A small black BMW pulls up to the main gate. A familiar wirey man with a mustache flashes, and wire framed spectacles flashes his i.d. "Evening Dr. Forester, welcome back" The Dr. smiles and procedes through the main gate. A black clad figure drops off the bottom and scurries across the compound evading spotlights. He procedes to a single wall and sprays a foam/putty like substance on the wall, smoke starts to emerge from the foam as a large whole in the wall opens. The dark figure attaches a claw to a metal pull and fires the device at the opening. The claw attaches itself to the inner wall and pulls it backward. He barely slips himself inside behind another guard. He quickly buts his elbow into the guards back as he falls unconscience. He takes a stun gun off his belt and shocks him while he's down., Grabbing a key card. Slowly off to his left he sees Dr. Forester proceding on foot, and ducks behind the guard pulling him close to the wall out of the light. Dr. Forester walks up to the large steel door and and inserts his keycard. The dark masked figure runs up behind him and stuns him, grabbing his card as he walks in. In the corner is a large mainframe computer, networked to several pcs in the large room. The dark Figure removes his mask to reveal a familiar black and red tattooed face with a head full of thick hooked horns. He pulls a diskette out of his coveralls and inserts it into the mainframe, serveral blueprints spin around and dowload onto the disk, he walks back and puts the key back on the Dr. as well as a flask of liquor which he poors into his mouth and sticks it in his lab coat pocket. "Shame on you for Drinking on duty Dr. Forrester" The mainframe beeped as the pop up message revieled the download was complete. He puts the disk in his pocket as serveral alarms trigger, and flashing lights all around as the alarm sounds. Groovy Reaches into his backpack and attaches a large pack of c-4 to the mainframe and skurries to the guard grabbing his machine gun. A pile of guards rush down the hall. Groovy fires into the first two guards and ducks behind some thick metal panel. Groovy Tosses a gas grenade and puts on a gas mask. He procedes past the guards onto the lawn. Outside is utter chaos and piles of guards runnign everwhere. He runs to a nearbye drain pipe and crawls in.


Suddenly he heres the sound of orchestra music and dithces the threads and streightens the tie on his tuxedo. And slowly crawls down a small rope unnoticed by the guests. A small Middle Eastern Man approaches with a glass raised and a cigar in his mouth. "Well well, I didnt get the chance to make your aquaintence!, Mr, eh

"Groovy, Darth Groovy", Groovy replied. The man continued "This is Miss Fine, Darth raised his hand and kissed the buetiful woman's hand gently, "charmed will do" Groovy said as he smiled and raised his eyes a bit to meet hers. She was a glassy eyed brunette starlett in a rich party dress. "Could I get you something to drink Mr. Groovy?" the Middle Eastern Man asked. "Ah, yes a Vodka Martini, Shaken, not stirred, You'll have to forgive my tardiness, its been a rather explosive evening." Just as he finished his sentance a large BOOMMMMMMMMMM!!! echoed in the background. He lifted the marini glass and said "cheers!" :cool:


Cue Theme music by Bjork, and lovely animated women bit.

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*fade to Old Hotel*






007 woke up to the sound of this humm. He looked to his right to se a fancy young french-blonde next to him. He raised his eyebrow, and gave a "hmph."



"Now, I know I didn't control myself for the entirety of the evening, but I do not remember this...."

Groovy told himself as the woman woke up and looked at him.


"Well good morning, tiger." she said with a smile.


Groovy wondered what he was in for.


"Oh, you where quite the entertainer, Groovy." She said.


"I'm sorry, and embarressed, but....I do not seem to remember your name at the moment....." Groovy said, keeping his cool.


"Oh, My name is Deinelle. You took me here from the party last night....you remember nothing?" she asked, with her smile now becoming a frown.


Groovy, as always, kept his cool.


"How could I forget such beauty?" Groovy said, with a smirk.


The woman smiled once more, and Groovy gave her a kiss on the forehead. They both layed back and snuggled.


It tore Groovy up that he did not even remember this woman. A few hours later, the woman stood, and put on her cloths. She put on her overcoat, and began to leave. 007 smiled her way, still wondering who she was.


The woman reached the bottom of the stairs and went outside in the cold snow. A small car picked her up.


A man was on the back seat. He was wearing sunglasses, though there was no need.


"Do you have it?" He asked.


The woman pulled a small disk out of her pocket and showed it to him. He took it and looked at it, and put it in his pocket.


"Very good. Perhaps mr. Groovy is not as invincible as we thought. As soon as we get out of the area, he is a dead man anyway." the man said, as he and the woman shared a laugh.


Groovy began to get dressed, and packed. He was ready to get back to MI-6 headquarters for his briefing. He packed everything, and went to reach for the disk he had recovered the night before. It was not gone. He looked everywhere for it, but he could not find it. He looked under the bed, only to find a small black box.


He heard the box ticking, and found a timer, and it said:




He grabbed his suitcase, and broke the window, just as the entire level of the motel exploded. Bond hit the ground with a heavy thud, having fallen 2 stories. He got up with a sigh of pain, and looked up at the burning building. People all aorund was watching the happenings when he decided it was time to make a discreet exit.

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*Groovy Whistled at passers bye* "Taxi!!!!!" He yelled, a Taxi suddenly slowed down and the driver, immediateley began arguing, Groovy opened the door and pulled the driver out and pushed him down in the snow, "We will discuss this later" he quipped. Groovy proceded at a fast speed, and looked at his watch, he pushed a button and a small tracking map appeared and showed the location of his mysterious guess on the bustling streets. "Oh good I have time" Groovy smiled and veered a hard screeching right and pulled into a nearbye parking garage. A few minutes of silence went by and suddenly an Aston Martin Vanquish 12 peeled out of the garage, a smiling Zabrak now wearing sunglass was at the wheel. He spead past the traffic to gain on his guest.

Danielle looked out the rear window, "It's him he's gaining on us!"


Groovy sneared at the passanger in the vehicle ahead, "If there is one thing that annoys me, it's a backseat driver". *Groovy Slams on the Gas*

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