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WIP: Quinlan Vos


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Hi Guys, I'm glad that you are keeping track on me.


Crowy I read your PM, and I'm not dead... j/k


Now come the accounting of the last months...


Since, I was injured last year my life have had been through some major changes.


Finally I get my knee on fitting health so I was ready to decide what is next on my life. As you may know I was working on my Master's thesis when I get hurt. I decided to pursue a higher education degree and started my doctoral studies right away. Also, I get married to my beautiful girlfriend. At this time I was having a less and less time to do some modeling but I keep working on them.


Then my wife give the most wonderful news that I ever have. I was going to be a father!. So, I put the models on hold for a while...but then something bad happen and we lost our unborn child...I was devastated and then modeling seems not that important to me at the moment. yeah, I know that modeling is my favorite hobbie but my mind was not up to resume the modeling work for a long moment.


That was almost 4 months ago...


Then I remember the wise words of my mother: "More was lost in the war, son". As for today the grief is still near to me.


Sorry to bother you with these, but I feel that I owe you an explanation of what happen in the past months.


Also, I re-formatted my laptop hard drive, because Windows Xp was giving me trouble. I have to re-install almost everything under Windows ME. But the good news are that I get a new computer...Dude, I get a Dell!. So, as soon as I have something new to share with you guys I'll post in my threads.



- Rebel

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