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Model Ideas 4 others.


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i dont know if its been said before, but coleman trebor... im so tired form work i forgot his name and had to pm HeKx NoXu to get his name...


ill make a list and add to it

evan piell

coleman trebor

perhaps the serpent dude whos on the council he would be interesting ot fight with

a proper ep2 obi wan

luminara undill

shaak ti if toonces has stopped on it


thats jsut off the top of my head and only star wars ep 2!!!

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3 words.



Complete with Flabbergastic! ;)




I should start a petition for JKO Samurai Models.


Predators arent a bad idea *dusts off AvP2 CD Case*


Id like to see an


Fat Man and Medium Sized man (so we can make Fat people not all Jedis are Helathy :)



Mini-Men ....Many many many many men,wish death on me. Lord I dont cry no more,dont look to the sky no more. Have Mercy on me, Have mercy on my soul, some say my heart turn cold.


/back on topic


Random Punk/thugs with afros and skied hair

*imagines the awesome skins*

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Here are my suggestions


-Suggestion List-

Vash the Stampede(Trigun)

Millions Knives(Trigun)

Nicholas D. Wolfwood(Trigun)

Legato Bluesummers(Trigun)

Space Marine(Warhammer 40k)

Kyo Kusanagi(KOTF and some other SNK fighting games)

Vash's gun(Trigun) weapon model

Wolfwood's weapon(Trigun) weapon model

Vash's arm(Trigun)if possible weapon model

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hey psycho do you have a link that shows concept art for jk3 or any other type of web site that has info on it?


nevermind i just found some a lil while ago. hey jedi knight 3 is not knights of the old republic correct? those are 2 seperate games correct? or is jk3 jedi academy? and also if indeed they are 2 different games, do you know if they are gonna pull that charging SW galaxies does? do you know if they are gonna charge on any of those? i would really hate to have to pay to play something every time i play it.

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hey i just thought of a cool character. the wishmaster from the movie wish master. "the djinn". its also very easy to find wishmaster sounds by looking for wishmaster desktop themes.









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these are some starwars characters that have not been made yet. maybe these would go good either with jk2 or upcomming modifyable games. i'm not sure if jk3, jedi academy, or knights of the old republic will be modifyable. but lets hope so :). by the way does anyone have any info on those up comming games if that they are going to be charging to play like SW galaxies does?
















this is a picture listing and bio of alot of the SW comic books. lots of pics, just follow their hyper links. some profiles have no images, but theres tons of others that do. http://jediencyclopedia.150m.com/lobby.html

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still wondering if jedi academy, and knights of the old republic will be charging to play like SW galaxies does every time you play it. can someone give me some feed back on that. and also which one of those is jk3? or is JK3 a totally different game than academy, and old republic. and if so will they charge also?

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Originally posted by ninja

yo halo dude, you got the wrong person, i dont do models. someone else is makin the master chief models.


and people give me a response on my previous question about the up-comming games.


only galaxies will have the fee. And galaxies fee is monthly, not every time you play it.

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