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Model Ideas 4 others.


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Originally posted by ninja

hey psycho cool to hear that. by the way do you plan to stick to only making models for star wars games? or do you plan on doing stuff for other games too? i actually have no time at the moment for trying to learn making models because i'm about to go into boot camp. i'm joining the army national guard. but theres a game i wanna try doing models for later on if its able to be done. it has'nt came out yet, well the multiplayer game that is. its this pritty cool medieval fantasy type game called ENCLAVE. part 2 they say is gonna have miltiplayer this time. it has 3rd person sword slashing fun. graphix are cool too.


Well actually i've been asked to make a character for a warcraft 3 TC. I'm making a high poly model for the trailer and cutscenes.


Most of the time i create models for games i own, but i've only released models for JK2 so far.


Very nice models btw.

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what games do you have? i have quake 3 gold, unreal 1, unreal tournament 2003, jk2, aliens vs. predator, medal of honor, warcraft 3, rune, tribes 2, elder scrolls 3 morrowind, enclave, wolverine's revenge, and nocturne. wow i have a few comp. games i would say lol.

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My first attempts at modelling were for Quake 3...nothing worth releasing, trust me! but it was very helpful to learn the export process.


So in short Quake 3 and JK2, when JK2 came out i was still learning 3D.


JA will most likely be the next one i'll focus on since its pretty similar to JO. Half Life 2 should be cool, and maybe KOTOR if possible.

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i think when KOTOR and JA come out not many people are gonna keep modeling for JK2. maybe conversions would'nt be hard for some of the models already made. but hopefuly some modelers stop by this thread and pick up some ideas for their next project. its only a few months before KOTOR comes out. i think it was supposed to come out this summer for pc. i have no idea but i hope i can get KOTOR and JA before i go to bootcamp in november lol.

by the way psycho, if you ever find a forum like this for those games let me know about it, or vise versa if i find one. i'm pritty much gonna stick to this forum for a bit, until the rest of the models are done. mainly the snowtrooper and dark forces mod.

also psycho, do you think you can give me the tuturial to learn how to make the models. i guess for jk2, so i can practice on this game. so i can make models for JA or KOTOR. i can be your padawan lol. but you probebly wont see anything of mine until i get out of bootcamp. i joined the national guard. and i'm only going in one weekend a month. i'll be gone for 6 months.

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Originally posted by ninja

by the way psycho, if you ever find a forum like this for those games let me know about it, or vise versa if i find one.


also psycho, do you think you can give me the tuturial to learn how to make the models. i guess for jk2, so i can practice on this game. so i can make models for JA or KOTOR. i can be your padawan lol.


Sure, i'll let you know :).


The tutorial i can give you is for rigging, but there's the joan of arc tutorial for actual character modeling (without the meshsmooth part of course).


Joan of Arc tutorial

The translation seems a bit off, but it should be clear enough.


Tutorials section for JK2 rigging


Have fun at bootcamp :p

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hey, i was wonderin if someone could make me a trademark model of Hiei from Yu Yu Hakusho ill provide all pics you need and ill try to find sounds as well to lower the amount of work.

here are some pics

(Hiei full body) -




(head close) -




(full body 2) -




(head side) -




(w/Jagan Eye) -




thats as good as i could find so far

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Hiei is cool. If anyone were to make a model of him, it should be the shirtless version of him. You know, when he fights Ziru in the Underworld Tournament (I think that's what it's called... Basically how Hiei looks overall during the tournament.).

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some star wars characters that could be a good ideah for JK2 or JK3.


Darth Siadeen









Sith Warrior




NEW Imperial guard










Sith Crusader



Darth Phobos









Space Trooper



Dark Trooper




unkown Sith



Wat Tambor




Lando ep. 6








and here is a web site that has alot of pics of characters from the comic books. there's only a few characters with no pics, but theres still alot of ones that do.http://jediencyclopedia.150m.com/lobby.html

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A very cool model/skin would be Dark Ages: Luke Skywalker.

This is when Luke is at its strongest state, he even surpasses Yoda (yes, that's right, YODA). He willingly submits to enter the dark side of the force, just to become stronger, and then eventually turn the tides for the rebellion.

This is set on the DARK EMPIRE timeline, 10 years after Episode VI: Return of the Jedi.


Here are amazing pics:





This is the suit Im talking about:







Hope that helps.

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hey thats cool you know your star wars history. that sounds like a pritty good story, too bad i did'nt buy the comics. but ever since i saw vader i've lost interest in regular faced characters. i've always liked characters that have a mask, its like a mystery. or a horribly scared face or something. well i take that back lol i think it had to do with batman lol or zorro lol. get where i'm going? it would be cool if luke had a mask or something. or a cool helmet.

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