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Either this forum is dead or....


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Everybody seems to stop posting whenever I return.


Whats the deal with that? If anybody does have a problem with me being here, then I'll just happily disappear again. Somebody please do me the honour of banning my account. If my account remains, I'll probably return. If it is banned, and my IP address is also banned, there is no chance of my unwelcome return.


Works out best for me, and I assume that it would work out best for everybody else here, too.

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You what?


The forum's just dead. But only adventure game genre dead. You know, it gets a post here and there but there's not really that much going on.


After all, you're to blame as much as anyone else who won't post often. So go on and write something.

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Actually, no it's not a big deal at all. When I posted my message, I was rather somewhat bored. I don't even really know what my motive was for posting that silly message. I think that I was trying to get you guys out of hiding, or something.


I'm still bored. The internet is quickly becoming even more boring. So what do you guys do on line these days? I'm running out of ideas as to what to search for/download, etc.


I might download some more music. I started getting into Radiohead. I found out that I enjoyed a few of their songs just from listening to a radio station. So that's pretty cool.


I can't remember what their songs were right now. I'd remember them if I were to listen to them again. Ahh well, I'm off to download some Radiohead.

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There's 3 Radiohead songs I particularly like:

"Bullet Proof..I Wish I Was", "Fitter, Happier" and "Street Spirit (Fade Out)"


If you don't mind their downbeatness you might want to check out some of the Denali songs mentioned by GC (also "Function" and "Where I Landed") and Sirenia's "In Sumerian Haze".


Plus, I recently downloaded some Family Guy snippets of Stewie.


As for what to search on the internet: eBay! If you can afford to become addicted and spent too much money, go and hunt down some collectibles. If you use the functions like "Advanced Search", "watch this item" and "Save this search" (in conjunction with having sent a mail when search is positive) it's pretty comfortable as well. Don't bid on the items I want, though.

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Coolness abounds in this thread. Well, my first post wasn't cool, it was just plain silly.


Yes, I regularly use Ebay. I go through the Australian site of course. I tend to visit some other Aussie auction sites, too.


What I am trying to track down is a hardware DVD decoder board. I have one, but it doesn't like Windows 2000 ie. No driver support. I have dual booted my system, so I do still have Win98 SE installed, but for some reason, whenever I try to use my decoder board in Win98, my whole PC freezes. I'm not too sure why it is doing this, and I can't be assed trying to figure it out. So I'm going to get a better decoder card, one that is supported under Win2k.


I only want a second hand decoder board, as a brand new decoder, will tend to set you back about $180 - $250 Aussie dollars. I don't want to fork out that much.


Anyhow, I'm off to check the auction sites again. Hopefully a decent decoder might have popped up.

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Family Guy is the most quotable show on Television.




"Way to go Chris - You wiped the floor with that towel"

"Look, I know you're a feminist, and I think that's adorable, but this is grown up time, and I'm the man.

"It doesn't matter whether you're black or white. The only colour that matters is green"


As for Radiohead, I must recommend to you:



'The National Anthem'


Not a lot of people like the later stuff from Kid A onwards, so I suggest you check out 'The Bends' and 'OK Computer' first.


Forget 'Pablo Honey'. It's nothing special.

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You need to get the albums. The Bends, OK Computer and Kid A are essential, and Amnesiac is well worth checking out as well. Until then, you should busy yourself with downloading Radiohead B-Sides. Like these:


  • Talk Show Host
  • How I Made My Millions
  • A Reminder
  • Polyethylene
  • The Amazing Sounds of Orgy

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  • 2 weeks later...

Odd that you should say that, Shutt. I agree, the middle three albums are definitely the most essential, but I thought you were one of the guys shooting me down when I claimed Kid A is superior to Amnesiac. Fascinating.


Picked up the Kid A sheet music at Guitar Center a couple o' weeks ago. Haven't taken the time to drop-D tune my guitar so I've yet to work on Optimistic; How To Disappear Completely requires a capo and thought I have two or three I never seem to want to take the time to put one on; I've spent no effort on In Limbo as it's my least favorite track on the album (don't ask me why, every time I listen to it I like it but never want to listen to it again); no other songs have prominent guitar. So I've learned to play Motion Picture Soundtrack despite it being keyboard only. Thom plays it on an acoustic live, so I do the same. Sound pretty good too.


I did not shower today, but that's neither here nor there.


B-sides that Shutt didn't mention:

-Palo Alto (the city where I used to attend church, FYI)

-Faithless, The Wonder Boy

-Banana Co.

-Fast Track

-True Love Waits


So, everybody, what's on your Christmas lists this year? Or Channukah or Kwanzaa or whatever the case may be.

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Originally posted by Doubleplus GC

Odd that you should say that, Shutt. I agree, the middle three albums are definitely the most essential, but I thought you were one of the guys shooting me down when I claimed Kid A is superior to Amnesiac. Fascinating.


Although I do agree that Kid A is the superior album, I still love Amnesiac, and it does have some excellent tracks. My favourites being I Might be Wrong, You and Whose Army, Pyramid Song, and Dollars & Cents, and of course, Life in a Glass House. 'Like Spinning Plates' is clever too, although not as entertaining as the rest - I much prefer the piano version on the 'I Might be Wrong' live album. I'm not a fan of Push/Pulk Revolving Doors, and I prefer the Kid A version of 'Morning Bell'.


In Limbo is one of Kid A's poorer tracks, but Treefingers is by far the worst. B-sides also worth noting include:

> Pearly*

> Cuttooth

> Lewis Mistreated

> The Trickster


As for Christmas, I am getting DVDs, I believe. I shall be getting 'The Office' on DVD, which is a hilarious spoof documentary that's probably not been shown outside of the UK - worth checking out if you have the connection speed, it's one of those shows where you either love it or hate it. I have also asked for the first series of Red Dwarf, which has recently been released on DVD, and finally, the four-disc version of Lord of the Rings.

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