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Originally posted by Luuke_Skywalker

sorry its taken so long for me to reply Jedi Skywalker but i'v been very busy lately and haven't had the time to get on the forumsm much but i'm hoping to be able to be on here more often for awhile.


I'm glad that you're here again. I really missed ya. How is it Luuke, did you play any new or old games you want to share with me?

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Here's a little tip for "moff seerdon's revenge"


when battling him,make sure you have more than 1 life.

when you see him charge foward(dodging the missiles).then,when you are past him,cut throttle and climb.then,make a loop(it places you in a position where you are on top of him)blast away with everything you've got(blasters,proton torps,conc.missiles)then charge ahead and crash into him.He will explode instantly!



PS:This is more for PROFESSIONAL pilots,have fun!

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