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Quake II Model Remake.....

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I think I remember seeing someone in the forums take his Quake II model jawa and just turn it into a model for JK:II (covert the files i guess). Could I do this too or do I need a person who has some modeling program to do this for me...?


Anyway if someone could convert this cool model to JK:II that would be awsome.


Heres the guy - http://www.planetquake.com/polycount/downloads/index.asp?model=601 :cool:



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I dont have 3D Studio max and i do not know anything about modeling. I was wondering if you would know anyone...



I am still looking for anyone to help me with this model, and if you do I really dont care about the credit or whatever you can get it all.



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hey why not, sounds great. i mean if someone can convert a character from one game to another that would awsome. and that would go good for other characters not only for this one. i mean theres tons of good characters out there. not a bad idea at all. taking an existing model to jedi outcast i think would be easy should'nt it? i mean the model is already made. that would save alot of time on working on making a player model. but then you would have to get the creators permission of course.

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yeah it might take time to fix it up, but at least it saves the time of making a character and skinning it. so i guess its just the animation and all the other goodies. so actually it would be faster would'nt it? instead of creating a model and then skinning it.

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This is not my model and i am still waiting for permission.....and i am going to use this model for a mod that i am working on - that is if this gets in game. And 99.9 percent of the time the modeler says yes so im not too worried if someone gets a head start. (I asked the modeler about 3 weeks ago........ I wonder if hes still around...?...)


Btw InsaneSith, just wondering if could do the whole weighting stuff and get it in game...?

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I think this guy who made the model is gone and there is no other way i can contact him......heres what i got after i sent my request -





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From: CB6368@aol.com

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Subject: Quake III Arena Model....(again)........

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I am asking you if I can have permission from you to convert your Dragoon model from Quake 3 Arena to Jedi Knight II. I personally dont know how to. Right now I am finding someone who can. All I need is your permission and its all good. ; )


(Btw you get all the credit for the model and all that stuff)


If you can do it yourself that would be really great.


Here's the link to the forum that its on -

LucasForums - Quake II Model Remake.....









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Message-Id: <20021202015233.767B7EE539B@axxent.ca>





(:p That is an exact copy and paste) Any way if this guy is gone then can I do it? Even if I do he still gets most of the credit (for making it an all).

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would you stop freakin bumping this its one thing that you bring in a model conversion request to a model thats not yours, but you have to make it worse by bumping it and knocking down threads that are probably more important than this. I think this thread should be deleted

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