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Whats your favorate SW movie?

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Whats your favorate SW movie?  

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  1. 1. Whats your favorate SW movie?

    • Phantom Menace
    • AOTC
    • A new hope
    • empire
    • return of the jedi

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1. ANH

2. ESB



5. TPM


Stop dissing ANH and ROTJ they rock :p, ANH because its the first movie and I think its just great (I dont really got many reasons just feel). I love ESB cause of the Hoth battle, Yoda and Bespin (and of course Han´s blue jacket that just rule ;) ). ROTJ is great, I love everything about it, Jabba´s palace, Death Star, Darth Vader saving Luke and the battle of endor (included the battle against hte death star). AOTC is a great movie with very good graphics, but it jsut dont feel like Star Wars as much as ANH, ESB and ROTJ. TPM is good, but I think that Anakin blows up the Trade Federation command ship just suck, and I think they spend way to long time on tatoine that I actually thinks makes the movie less good.

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I would have to say Phantom Menace is mine. Even though it introduced the idiot Jar Jar, I still feel this is the best.


I'm a huge EFX nut, and this was mainly what I was looking forward to seeing in this movie with all the advances they have made since ROTJ. And i wasn't disappointed. I have goosebumps just talking about it. :D


Also, the amount of saber fighting we got to see was great. Especially with Darth Maul. I too am a huge fan of the lightsaber, and the whole double blade lightsaber thing about had me jumping up and down in the theater with excitement. Such wonderful work that they did with it. . .


Now if you excuse me. . .I'm off to do some MP dueling.



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This has prolly been said b4, but wheres the Yoda option?!





J/K :D


Well, my fav is RotJ :thumbsup:. The Battle of Endor is so k00, and I really love when the Evoks terrorize the Stormtroopers and stuff. Also the Emperor has some pretty nice lines and so on!


Apart from that Vader throws his Lightsaber, and hes the only Jedi/Dark Jedi whos ever done that!



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