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Originally posted by Flanders

Would someone please ban or temporary ban, or warn emporer Budda, hes going round being rude, in one thread, because someone was a noob, he went "hello troll"


How exactly is a new person a troll?!

emperor budda is just craveing attention. hes what we call an attention whore.


get it together now budda or get banned

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Originally posted by Emperor Budda

ok two things #1 Darth Magil is my friend and the troll thing is an inside joke so back of 2 about the penis thing i was kidding jeez can u take a joke:laughing:? aparently not.


inside joke or not, I WILL ban you, so you better put up, or shut up, m'kay?




btw, see you in hell, thread.....


PM obi....

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