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WIP: MGS Ninja Grey Fox

ksk h2o

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The first post of this page is edited/updated regularly to keep info and images up to date.



The body mesh is a modified shadowtroopers body. Since the general layout of the body fit the Ninja character, Gray Fox pretty well, I imported Raven's mesh and changed/modified it to suit my needs. No need to do the job twice.


The head mesh is in multiple parts. The faceplates can be removed for an "open helmet" version.



[sM]Maximus and FoJ_JM_Miyamoto have offered help in skinning this puppy. Maximus has done a GREAT job with the skin. I also recently received three skins done by FoJ_JM_Miyamoto which was introduced to the project through NinjaGaiden.


I'm also including some skins which started off with the model, and which were in turn modified to become the Team Skins.


There are quite a few shaders. The mechanic eye has a glow and blink to it, the entire body has the chrome effect applied to it for a metalic shine, and the face inside the faceplates has two shaders of its own.



The model has custom sounds: Three different taunt sounds, and custom sounds for all pain levels, all mp deaths, and all other mp sounds... with of course the unforgettable line "HURT ME MORE!" set as the taunt for the default model.



Recently managed to take a look at the Cheshire vader Cap TGA's and their shader. Arco, Sithlord and Chesshire's amazing model's caps seemed a perfect fit for Gray Fox since he is also part human part machine like vader. Many thanks for allowing me to use the texture and shader code for the caps.


Many many thanks to [sM]Maximus for taking the time and effort to create the great skin the model has on right now. His name will definitely be in the creators list for the model.


Also to FoJ_JM_Miyamoto for contributing THREE skins! :D


SCREENSHOTS are Recent, and updated regularly:

[LAST UPDATE: 2/10/03]

Model Ingame - Default Skin

Model Ingame - Default Skin

Model Ingame - Default Skin

Model Ingame - Default Skin

Model Ingame - Default Skin


Model Ingame - Blue Team Skin

Model Ingame - Red Team Skin


Model Ingame - Alternate Skin1

Model Ingame - Alternate Skin2

Model Ingame - Alternate Skin3


closeup of the default skin's face



Face Shader Info:

The face's eyes spark red randomly and the entire face has a circuit board pattern that faintly glows to a white noise pattern (details in the FACE DETAIL screenie).


There is a working bot that fights pretty well and will stick to the saber. He also likes to use mind trick a lot as a weak substitute for the Ninja's camouflage.



Nothing, it's all done in my book.... I need to get this out to beta testers and write out the readme crediting everyone that helped with the model... and we can have a release.

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Holy s*** thats DAMN good. You think i oculd beta test that it would be SUCH an honor!!!!!! Looks so damn realistic in-game looks like a real person. Nice saberist mod too ;). If you do decide to send me it i will be much abliged blazoor@aol.com thanks!!!




EDIT Once you got skin you can send it over ask Inbred hes a damn good skinner too. Also if you weighted the face plates you could use a .surf file to make the face plates sticking outward or gone.

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wow thanks for the feedback. :)


Hellfire, I'll send you the model tomorrow since I will be implementing a few things beforehand (see the other thread for the details ;) ) It would be good to get some feedback from people playing with it.


I have not weighed the hand bones yet (more precisely took off the finger weights after a few assemblies), only because of an annoying thing I get in 3ds max. I will put the finger weights back on as soon as the rest of tweaking is done.


Matt-Liel, it was Raven's Shadowtrooper model, had to go through milkshape's glm importer in order to get it into 3ds max for the tweaking ;)


Also for anyone who wishes to try out the model, you should know I havent tied together the LOD's yet. Only the highet LOD is in the current model, the lower LOD's still need to be wieghed. I want to finish debugging before I undertake the other LOD's though.

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Originally posted by Enjoi9187

so this is gonna be the REAL grey fox right? not olga? just dont forget to make him black ;)


Do you have any images of Grey Fox? The only ones I could find were of him in the suit, I cant seem to find his face anywhere.


I remember playing MGS for the NES a while back, but the manual did not have any photos of grey fox.


The only thing I could base myself on, was the toy action figure, I guess that isnt very accurate though. :)

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I've taken the old MGS Ninja skin and done a personal stealth camo version of it - You could apply the shader from the ct_sidious/morgankatarn models onto Grey Fox, and get a semi-ghost transparency effect for stealth effect.


Just a thought,

Jer, Master Swordsman Mathiu Silverberg of the Legion of Swordsmen


p.s. need a beta tester? I can also rip sounds from the MGSPC if need be.

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grey fox was black, and ninja is grey fox, listen to his voice also, and look at some profiles online. he even has a hint of jive as he talks


Your an Idiot.

No offense but your missing the very obvious flaw in your

"Grey Fox is Black" thing.


When he takes his mask off in Metal Gear Solid;

hes nice and white.


The action figure from Todd McFarlane has a removable mask; Again his face is nice and white.


Now the Real kicker;



(Correct me if I'm wrong but wouldn't that be impossible in a genetically black family? I know there have been records of half black people being completely white but not from completely black parents.)


BTW Talks with "Jive"? I dont know about you but how exactly does a black person talk with "JIVE"? That wouldn't happen to be a STEREOTYPE would it?

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Ok first

1. Enjoi do not post anything offensive it iwll only start a flame war.

2. Drakken You know better than to flame someone like that. He can think what he thinks is true. If he thinks its a black guy so be it. Do not have a hernia because he thinks something is black. Just Don't. Thanks ;)



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Do not have a hernia because he thinks something is black. Just Don't.


Maybe I coulda been a little more tactful with him.

It did seem as though I lost it on him over nothing.


Anyways, as far as the model goes its lookin pretty sexé man.

You might want to make his suit green like it was in the game with the little bits of that reddish brown on it.

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That post was quite an outburst Drakken. I dont want to step on anyone's toes but I'd suggest using the edit button to change some of the wording that could be misinterpreted as racism.


I've finished the open mask and put a face inside there. It'll be using the imperial's face skin as there is no way I can make my own face for this guy. I'm thinking of listening to Enjoi and actually making one of the team skins' face black. I though it would be cool to have it like that and since there is just about no reference images for Greyfox besides the toy action figure its fair enough. When you think about it, it doesn't matter anyway. :)


Hellfire I need to send you the new version with the working shaders, the better roll sound and the option to use the open facemask. I'll be sending you that tomorrow.


squall, I though about the stealth thing and tried some of the ghost shaders but at the end they look a little wierd, especially where the skins overlap like on the closed facemask. Mind trick works as a very nice stealth camo :p


Thanks for the offer for the sounds, I actually used epsxe to get the sounds off the PSone version and the VR missions. I think I'm quite set sound wise... it would have been an offer I couldn't refuse had we met a week ago.

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Ah, alright. Hmm, I plan on trying out the shader thing myself...after you turn off the face so that only the outer layer is displayed. As for the sounds, well, I've been messing with another Ninja skin, and I did end up ripping out just about every sound from the Lab battle that doesn't include "Snake" in it. lol. Cool, though

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