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The LucasForums Jedi Academy FAQ

Darth Groovy

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This is just a list I made that should answer most of the usual questions we get:


Q: What is the LucasForums Jedi Academy (LFJA) about?


A: We are an organization of people that started with the influx of members at JKII.net forums due to the tremendous popularity of the Jedi Outcast game. Many people were joining discussion groups for the first time and were misguided in terms of educate and what is appropriate behavior for a bulletin board. It is often embarrassing to make mistakes when you are misinformed and have to be reduced to the term, “n00b” “newbie”. What we offer is a master/padawan apprenticeship program for new users to grow into the LF community by learning as you go.


Q: How does this program operate?


A: The new member posts a thread in this forum seeking a master. A designated master can offer to teach or train any new member provided he/she does not have one already. Once they both master and padawan agree on an apprenticeship, the learning process then takes place. A master will instruct his/her padawan learner what topics are appropriate, when to post, what is considered Spam, forum terms, how often to post topics, etc. The apprenticeship is not limited to forum use only, it can span as far as gaming tips, computer skills anything. Often great friendships are created from this process.


A: How do I as a newly registered user or “newbie” benefit from this program?


Q: Generally once a master has taken on an apprentice, he/she is sworn to teach but also to protect that person from any flaming or personal embarrassment. Most people at LF know not to mess with padawan learners, or else they will have to answer to both the masters and the LFJA Council. Often enough you may not know certain things like how to post images, what topics are appropriate for discussion, poll topics and what not. At any point you can ask your master any question, at any time, and the master is sworn to answer the question, or seek the answer from someone else at any cost. The master acts as a “big brother” or temporary guardian.


Q: When do I graduate from being an “apprentice”?


A: Generally once your post count reaches 700, you are considered a “Jedi Knight” by LFJA standards. Once a Jedi Knight reaches 1000, they are considered Jedi Master and can take on and train others.


Q: So is LFJA a clan then?


A: No, the LFJA is an organization of forum users that promote both peace and patience in online communities. We do however have a potential game servers and wear the [LFJA] prefix the same as a clan would but we are not a clan type of organization. If anything we are the ultimate “anti-clan” so to speak.

Q: What do I have to do to join?


A: Eventually we will have a functioning website with a registration form. Until then, just pm or email a Council Member, and tell us a bit about yourself, you interests, goals, hobbies and so on and so forth. Once we tell you that your in, we will add your name to our growing list of members on our website. Once you do that post a thread and request a master and keep your eye on that post until someone takes your offer. Keep in mind that once you decide on a master, you cannot change later, so choose wisely. Once a master has chosen you, you must put his/her name in your signature and state that they are your master, trainer, or teacher, etc. Masters will put your name in their signature as well indicating that they are your guardian and trainer. You must also give your master some sort of an email address where they can contact you. If you disappear from the community for more than 30 days our truant officer will contact you. If you are not found after more than 60 days you will be dropped from the program and automatically expelled from the Academy.


Q: What if I already have 1,000 some odd posts and have been in the network for a while? Can I still join?


A: Absolutely! If you wish to join you may go straight to Jedi Master and begin training a padawan. You also have the unique option of a special thirty-day training period where a Jedi Master will train you temporarily just to give you an idea of the way the process works. This procedure is optional at your request, but not required.


Q: Do I need a copy of Jedi Outcast to be involved in this?


A: Not necessarily, however it is more pleasurable experience that you do have it so that you can participate in our online game nights, which involve, several different methods of multiplayer strategy from duels, to role-playing. Also more often than not, you will know what we are talking about better if you have the game. The game is not required but highly recommended.


A: So will I have access to this server all of the time?


Q: Eventually, yes. Right now, certain members who have the right equipment serve games just to be nice, but we are working on a dedicated server which will operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You will be allowed access via password any time you like.


Q: So to be a member does that mean I have to come to these forums all the time?


A: Yes. In order for you to be an “active” member you need to come here on a regular basis to find out info on game nights, server updates, promotions, and all sorts of information that cannot be included in mass email. In other words don’t wait for us to contact you. Stay on top of things and keep up with what’s going on, that is what makes this organization so much fun.

Q: What if I can’t play the game? Do I have to attend every game too?


A: No. To be an active member you just have to stay in touch with us. Most of the LFJA games are just for fun, and most of us have school and jobs, so we are more understanding than we seem. You are at no time obligated to play online with us.


Q: What if my computer crashes?


A: If your computer crashes it is your responsibility to contact us within 60 days by any means necessary. This may seem harsh but there are too many people that use this as an excuse to cover up the fact that they have forgotten all about LFJA. It is unacceptable and no longer will be tolerated. In this day and age it is not that difficult to get access to a computer, and if it takes you more than 60 days it’s probably not in your best interest to be a member, since you will loose complete track of what is going on. If you are going to be without computer longer than sixty days and you know for sure when you will be back, arrangements can be made in advance.


Q: What about the academy “jobs”?


A: At first that was more for laughs, and really it still is since even the council members are not that serious of a bunch. The jobs were mostly just for giggles but now we have members that are designated to do different things. For example Dath Maximus is charge of recruiting and finding new members, leXX is in charge of server admin, and web design, and Tyrion is our truant officer designed to keep track of idle members. Jobs will be posted in the jobs’ thread here in the forums. You can propose an idea for a job, offer jobs, or just volunteer for a job. Obi-wan13 is responsible for approving all jobs and titles. Not all titles are acceptable. For example, obi hates guns, so it makes no sense for us to have anyone volunteer for “infantry”, or “LFJA Sniper”. As Mace-Windu put in Attack of the Clones, “We are keepers of the peace, not warriors”. All information about academy jobs will be posted in these forums.


A: Do I have to have a job to be in the academy?


B. No, but you need to perform some function in order to be an “active member” even if it only means you serving as a master to a padawan. Everyone does his/her part in the LFJA.


Q: If I get banned from the forums am I banned from the academy as well?


A: Yes. If you got banned, that means at some point you must have violated our code also, and you will be expelled from the academy as well.

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I agree with this; and I hope that all academy members and hopefuls will refer to this for answers to problems. If you still have questions, do not be afraid to PM one of the council members or myself. ;)


Only one thing- I don't "hate" guns, I just perfer a saber. If you want to use guns while playing, I only ask you do not use the same gun. Switch every now and then. ;)

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