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Race for starting.


Race you will start off with?  

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  1. 1. Race you will start off with?

    • Human
    • Bothan
    • Wookiee
    • Rodian
    • Transdohan
    • Zadrak
    • Mon Cal

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Originally posted by Ecks_Gecar

What race will you start with?





Mon Cal




start with? you cant change your race in the middle of the game! or you die and didnt clone yourself and have to make a new charachter.


Human. i was realy doubtin Twi'lek or Human.. but i went with Human.

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Now, I've seen how customizable the charector creation engine is, and after seeing it I just have one word for it: Wooooooooooop!!! I mean... Brilliant!


Anyway, for those who can't download the Movie (cause of Connection) or who havn't heard or read about it, you can change everything from the size and shape of your nose, to the colour of your skin, gender, and an example that was shown on a wookie, breeds. Snow Wookies, Normal Wookies (I don't know any More so I'll just stop) Ect, ect, ect...

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I am gonna be Human


Here is my Carrer line:


Start off mining

Get cheap transport to Mos Eisley open up a Guncrafting shop.

After learning many skill and Languages (if I can) and getting my Bling-Bling off to Coronet to get a ship.Then maybe some slight traveling (Naboo I just got to see it).Then back to Mos Eisley get me a house and see what kinda "Legitmatite" (Cough "Illlegal" cough) fun I can get into.(You know maybe some Gunrunning or something.)

After I make my fortune (don't laugh I'll smack you) I'm heading to Lok to open up some LEGAL factories then after that I'll problay get bored with the game I'll retire to Naboo and try to get in Imperial Politics.


Opps I forgot to say I'm gonna be a Bounty Hunter work for the Hutts or any non CPU I can work for.



As for the Rebel/Nuetral/Imperial thing I don't know maybe a little time on each.




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I was really wanting to be a Zabrak until 1) i found out that was the race of Darth Maul (hey i'm slow ok?) and 2) found out everyone else wanted to be it...

Now i'm going with Twi Lek... should be a good strong race for armor/ clothing maker person....

I won't be a bounty hunter or jedi or blah blah blah. I wanna make clothing or droids or open a bar with some of my RL friends having a dancer, a cook(me), a bartender, and a whole lot of customers willing to give me their money ^_^

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I don't know why, but I almost always choose to play as a human in rpg's. I'm sure SWG will be no exception, but I would like to at least try playing as a Twil, or perhaps a Tran (no comment, please). However, since we're only getting one puppet per server, it looks like I won't be spending much time on any other non-human puppets :(



Btw, kudos to ForeverBleeding for the commitment to life as a shopkeeper! It's people like him that are going to make this game a very diverse and interesting place to live :)




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