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Welmin's Cantina


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This time, instead of meeting his challenge, Andra said, "Dannar, earlier you and Jena set me at ease with the presence of Grayson and Kos. To do so, you reached into the past, filling in the ages missing in my mind. Perhaps it's time to fill in the rest of the picture."


"Show you the past?" Dannar asked. "All we've been through?"


"That's right," Andra agreed. "Are you willing?"


The surprise was gone and suspicion was in its place. Dannar frowned. "Something to do with that outburst a moment ago?"


"You might say so," Andra answered. "Do me a favor and don't pry. Just show me the past."


Dannar nodded and gestured to Jena. As they positioned themselves on either side of Andra, she shot a smug smirk in Tepe's direction, as if to say, "Told you I knew my people."


"Just relax," Dannar urged. "This is a lot of history to take in... and it's probably going to hurt."


"I'm ready," Andra said. "Do it."


And it was painful. But in the course of several minutes, Andra's mind had been forced to store the memories of the past away, within easy reach of her conscious mind. Dannar and Jena withdrew, leaving Andra sitting fully upright, her eyes tightly closed.


"Is she..." Ruya began cautiously. Dannar and Jena shushed her. Then, after a full ten minutes, Andra slowly opened her eyes.


"I have..." she stammered. "I saw... the..." With a weary sigh, she closed her eyes. "Can't think... too many possibilities..."


Dannar cringed, realizing what was happening. "Her precognitive abilities are kicking in on the memories... she's not only seeing what happened in the years she missed; she's seeing everything else that could have happened also."


"Oh, Andra, I'm so sorry," Jena breathed, horrified. Andra's blue eyes shot open and she stared at Jena.


"Don't be," she gasped. "It'll be over... so soon."


And abruptly, it was. With a groan, Andra leaned forward, resting her forehead on the table. Jena rushed to her side, calling on the power of the Force to relieve some of Andra's pain. Slowly, the precog sat up and turned her eyes to her friend.


"Handy trick, that," she remarked. Jena gave her a hug.


"Welcome back," she said. Andra merely nodded, then turning her gaze to Tepe.


"This isn't the first time you've tried to divide friends," she said softly. "But I do believe it is the first time you've failed. I will have my decision for you in a few hours. We have to talk this over. If one of us joins you, we all join you."


She stood slowly, cautiously and Jena supported her. Draping her arm around Jena's shoulders, Andra beamed at Tepe. "See?" she said. "This is close friendship. This is a thing you've rarely known. But it's one of the stronger things in this galaxy... if a person has a brilliant idea and a few good friends, there's very little they can't do together."


With that, she directed the Jabos Team out of the cantina to discuss.


At that moment, Reibe and Strider reentered, after having been gone for quite some time.


((Flamehart, we're ready for the continuation of that sequence I cut out of the story, yah?))

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Strider stepped in quietly in step behind her, his blue eyes scanning the cantina once again. That was the most definitive feature that stood out against his pale skin and black hair. It was short, for once. He eyed the Jabos Team leaving as he walked in, then shrugged and continued to follow Reibe.


"So, if I may ask," he said in his usual low pitch voice. "Where do you think we should begin? There is more work to be done than two can possibly handle without some sort of direction," Strider said.

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"I think..." Reibe replied thoughtfully. "I rather think we're both doing the right things. I'm moving back to the Watchtower. To keep an eye on the new trainees and the Network. You've got your hands full up with Eli..."


-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --


"Well, you're up to date now," Dannar said once the Jabos Team had found a quiet place alone. "What do you think of his offer now?"


Andra frowned. "It's still a tempting offer."


"After all he's done?" Jena objected.


"And all that he could do?" Ruya added. "He exploited Danni Bayers into becoming Charna. Made her think her dearest friend was in danger."


"I know," Andra answered. "But in the end, it was her choice. Once she'd settled, she could have easily withdrawn from his side. Especially after going through the Genuine Machine. He was strong before, and therefore stronger afterward. But both she and her friend Jahara are literal Force powerhouses. And yet she stayed."


"Wouldn't you?" Grayson challenged. "The power of the Force within your easy grasp, and reputation, social status added on top of that?"


"I think that's her point," Kos said slowly. "Our powers more fully trained, and we could have the same status and reputation. Just aligning ourselves with him would give us an edge. We'd be known."


"But then the question is, do we want to be known?" Andra asked, arguing the opposite side. "Holotabloids always in our faces, trying to figure out what we're doing and why... I don't know about any of you, but I never imagined the Team as more than a group of brilliant minds, working to advance technology. Status didn't matter much..."


"But we're different now," Dannar pointed out. "All of us are. I, a telepath; you, a precog; Jena, a 'Force powerhouse', as you so aptly put it; Ruya, a master of water; Grayson, a master of fire; Kos, a telekine."


"Are we agreed then?" Andra asked. "This is important to me. If we aren't all agreed, we shouldn't do it."


"I think we should ask Reibe," Jena suggested. "After all, she's the one who approached us initially."


"But we're essentially asking her if she thinks we should side with her 'friendly adversary'," Dannar objected. "Andra..."


"A moment..." Andra cut in abruptly. She stood still, her eyes half closed, as if in deep thought. Finally, she looked around the circle. "That's interesting," she said, raising her eyebrows. "Come on. We'll talk to Reibe."

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"Eli can be a huge pain in the ass though," Strider said, shooting a look in his direction. He hadn't heard him, which was perfectly fine by Strider even if he had. "I think we need to evaluate where we stand, I'll go with you to the Watchtower for a bit and we can see where we can at least start.." he trailed off when he noticed the approaching Jabos Team. "Reibe, head's up," he said.

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"Back together, I see," Reibe said pleasantly. "What can I do for you?"


Andra sat down at the table with Strider and Reibe. "Tepe said he has more to offer our Team than you do."


Reibe laughed. "Did he at that? Fascinating."


"Do you disagree?" Dannar asked.


"As it happens," Reibe replied, "I do not. About the best thing I can offer you is data entry and retrieval. I think you should take him up on his offer... just do me one favor, Jena."


Jena stepped forward. "Yes?" she said.


"Jena, I've spent the last forty years, training you intermittently. You have a firm grasp on your power, but Tepe has a way of twisting your perception of your skill level. Don't let him intimidate you. You're doing just fine. Come back to me for further training sessions, if you like, or train with him and his. It matters little; all are good training options. But always, always keep in mind the one most important lesson I've taught you constantly."


"The Force is about balance," Jena said. "You cannot be fully Jedi or fully Sith and have a full understanding of the power of the Force."


Reibe grinned. "That's right. Now, off you all go. Tell Tepe, you've accepted his offer. And if you really want to blow his mind, tell him you have my blessing."


The Team headed back to Tepe's table and arranged themselves in the seats around it, with Andra sitting directly across from Tepe himself. "We've thought it over, discussed it... talked to Reibe." She grinned, watching for his reaction. "And with Reibe's blessing already given, we're here to let you know, individually."


She stood. "I'm in."


Dannar mimicked the gesture. "I'm in."


Jena giggled slightly, taking her feet as well. "I'm in."


Kos grinned and stood. "I'm in."


Ruya and Grayson stood in unison, but said separately. "I'm in."


-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --


Reibe laughed softly at the spectacle going on across the cantina. "Well, it was fun working with them," she said. "But Tepe can offer them more than I can. And I wish them all the best with him. As I said though, the best I can offer them is data entry and retrieval. Only Jena would be a genuine asset to training the next generation of Hunters. The rest could essentially run the HIN, but I'm not ready to give that up just yet."

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Tepe watched as the group entered the Cantina again and approached Reibe. They were seeking council from her. Tepe was not surprised really, so he waited patiently until the group once more sat at the table, only to stand back up and pledge loyalty. The Sith looked at Andra, his look chilly before the man stood up.

"Good" he told them before removing himself from the table and sitting by the bar. He ordered a blue milk and smirked to himself.


Suddenly, well after Tepe had moved himself, Kos had the same voice whispering in his head than what whispered to Andra.

'Why didn't she move?' it asked.

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Strider shrugged. "It wouldn't matter one way or another who's side they picked. I've got Eli to pick up the pieces when I decide I've had enough," he looked over at the boy, who was sitting rather boredly at his own table. "As much as I hate to admit it, he's got alot of talent. I'm just afraid it'll get to his head, and I think knowing that his master is so powerful hasn't helped him in the least bit," he said, shrugging. "We'll be around forever, Reibe. We can start looking for longtime recruits at another time," he said with a grin. "Besides, with so much work to do you wouldn't want to be babysitting right now would you?" he asked.

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Reibe laughed. "Certainly not!" she agreed. "I suppose you're right about the Jabos Team, though. It really doesn't matter which side they're on. They're directly suited for some purpose, and they're looking for it with Tepe. I'll keep a casual eye on them whenever I can. I admit that, in working with Dannar, Kos, Grayson, Ruya, and Jena, I've grown rather fond of the group." She sighed. "I think I should have liked to get to know Andra, but it can't be helped."


-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --


Kos lurched as if he'd been shot and glanced briefly at Andra. It didn't take long before the rest of the group was staring at him.


"It's nothing," he explained hurriedly. "If you'll excuse me... I think I want some air."


With that, he withdrew from the table, unable to look at Andra as he fled. Andra watched him go, puzzled.


"What was that?" she asked in a hushed voice. No one could give her an answer.

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Darth Tepe glanced at the bar from the door of the back rooms. It has been a while since he'd been around here, although lurking was a favorite past time when not taking over the world with Pinky and the Brain as well as other humorous characters. As his eyes wandered from person to person, he raised an eyebrow at a very familiar sight. Someone he'd have thought lost to the ages and pages of history. As he saw the face of his old mentor, Darth Rythe, there was only one sentence he could mutter;


"And the only thing I can say about that is ... oh, snap!"

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Mandalorian54 walks into the bar, clad in your typical Mandalorian armor(as name implies).


"Bartender!" He says demandedly. Then in a tone only slightly less rude, "Give me something that'll knock me out please." As he takes a seat on a bar stool, Mandalorian54 takes off his helmet and places it on the bar revealing himself to be a charmingly handsom young man.

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I look across at the Mandalorian that just sat beside me. It was clear that he was trying to get attention.

"Why do you seek such a drink Mandalorian" i said as i took a sip out of my glass.

"I have not been here for a few years and yet there are still people here that recognise me, with time they will know you"

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Quen walks inside the Welmin's cantina.

"Bartender.." he nearly whispers.

"A large cup of Tarisian ale, please. With extra tach glands. You... SHOULD have the recipe, right?"


Quen is a young, mild-mannered and calm man, dressed in black boots, dark red pants, long, black coat and dark red fingerless gloves. He has short, red, coloured hair.


As the bartender hands him the cup, he hears the mandalorian's request an sits down next to the Mandalorian.


"Bad day, huh?" Quen shyly tries to start the conversation.

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The Mandalorian warrior doesn't respond imediately to the fellow patron. After an uncomfortable amount of time passes and it seems no reply will be made he says, "I don't wish to be known, I simply wish to be knocked out. It's just..." His mumbling trails off. "It's just one of those days." He seems in an irritable mood.

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