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A few modest & not-so-modest suggestions


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If I may, I have a few simple requests for a JK2 mod…


1) Unlock/un-cheat-protect the cg_thirdpersonrange command. It might sound silly to some of you, but have you tried playing with cg_thirdpersonrange set to 500? OMG, it’s like a completely different game! Try it sometime! It’s oodles of fun! It’s like watching yourself from the Goodyear Blimp. (Mind you, this prolly won’t appeal to those who favor blasters over sabers, but does give 3rd person perspective a whole new look.)


2) Unlock/un-cheat-protect timescale. Maybe I’m just guilty of having lousy reflexes, but playing in slo-mo is tons of fun too. (I know a couple mods already incorporate this… perhaps cg_thirdpersonrange could be added as a cvar?)


Now, if you’ll indulge me, I have some suggestions for a slightly more radical mod. Keep in mind I am NOT a coder, so if what I suggest ranges from ridiculous to impossible it’s due to complete ignorance on my part…


First, saber stances… three, four, six, how many are there now? Personally I think way too many. Ultimately, doesn’t it boil down to two ideal settings: 1 for offense & 1 for defense? Many may disagree with me, and that’s fine, but I’d rather see this whole system simplified. Here’s what I propose:


Stance 1: defensive/acrobatic/fast – here’s where all the somersaults, backflips, and other various fancy moves come into play. It’s also the height of defense against blasters and parrying other saber blows. But attacks in this mode are more of the glancing nature – still lethal against troopers, but less effective against other saber players. Dismemberment is conceivable but less likely.


Stance 2: hardcore offensive – this is intended for one purpose - sending your opponent to his/her maker. Thrusting and strong overhead swings come into play here. While Stance 1 may slowly whittle away life, this one should kill in one blow… maybe two at most. Dismemberment is highly likely. While in this stance, blaster deflection is significantly reduced, almost to the point of ineffective.


Next, for the life of me I can’t figure out why I always respawn with a silly Bryar pistol. For those playing as Jedi/Sith this is a real nuisance. This in mind leads me to my next, even more radical suggestion: a class/role-playing based system. I appreciate this idea isn’t so new, with Jedi/Merc type mods, but I propose to take it a step further. I envision three classes: Jedi/Sith, Mercenaries/Bounty Hunters, and the Trooper class. Here are the advantages/disadvantages and differences I propose…


Jedi/Sith: exclusively saber wielding – you spawn with one, you die with one. No blasters/rockets/trip mines for you. Force powers are also adjusted for the sake of game balance & movie continuity. Jedi/Sith should be able to jump radically high – not quite flying, but darn close. They also should be able to fall from a significant height with little to no damage. I also suggest Force heal could/should become a passive power, always on but very slow and a default for all Jedi/Sith characters. Mindtrick and choke should be ineffective or nearly ineffective against other Jedi/Sith. Lightning should be taken down a few notches or at least greatly come at the expense of other abilities. In regard to the other Force powers, I lack an opinion – as far as I care they could be left alone, modified or dropped altogether for sake of balance. (Though personally, I think Saber Throw is a cheap move.)


Mercenaries/Bounty Hunters: here’s for all the Jango/Boba wannabes. A very lethal class, all about choice… well with the exception of sabers & Force powers (though a modified Mindtrick could be a nice addition). Weapons specialists, the whole assortment is available – perhaps even bonuses could be applied to sniper-type weapons. Jetpack/Grappler use would be an incredible addition too. By default, they should spawn with a blaster rifle at least.


Trooper class: this is what I believe to be my most provocative (perhaps impossible) idea. With the choice of Jedi or Bounty Hunter, who wants to be a lousy Storm Trooper? Well read on… First, the limitations: no saber, no Force powers, and perhaps even limitations on other weapons such as sniper rifles, explosive charges and rocket launchers. Sounds pretty lousy, so far huh? Here’s where it gets interesting… Imagine you’re not alone. By choosing the Trooper class, you in effect become troop leader. Four bots are by default assigned to you, to follow in close formation your every move. They watch your back, your flank – they independently shoot at targets approaching you. Basically they are NPCs loyal to you and you only. An even more advanced addition could be retooling the alt-fire for weapons so that pressing it made the entire troop shoot at what’s in your crosshairs. In regard to damage/death, any damage you incur could be divided up amongst your troop – your death would be theirs as well. However the alternate would not apply – their death/damage would be independent of your own. While perhaps not as romantic as brandishing a lightsaber or adrenaline pumping as jetpacking around as Jango, imagine commanding your own little squad of drones? Though I’m clearly speculating the possibility of such as thing (and completely ignorant of the amount of work/man-hours in making it possible), it would be exciting, wouldn’t it?


Now there’s little point to a class system, unless there’s a game objective to make it worthwhile. Capture the flag of course is well within reason (though personally I could do without the ugly red/blue team nonsense and silly floating icons). Team FFA is another. I would like to see a last man standing type game. Also perhaps a variation on capture the flag where a prisoner must be rescued or a base defended. Simple death matches are pretty limiting IMHO.


Lastly, some more miscellaneous changes…


To revisit the Bryar pistol, I’d like to see some balance changes here. An endless supply of ammo might help at the cost of reducing its range, power, or firing rate. It should be a last resort, but still an effective weapon. Do we really need the stun gun thing? I propose dropping that in favor of a modified Bryar.


Sabers should be the lethal glow sticks we all know them to be. It shouldn’t take ten to fifteen successful wacks with one to kill an opponent, I don’t care what kind of shielding or armor they have. That’s just silly. If I hit you eight or nine times with a lightsaber, I better see a limb come off at least. Keep in mind I’m talking about successful hits – not misses.


Team play – why just two teams? Why force us to choose teams at the get go? What if there was the possibility to offer allegiance to another player, midgame, just as with saber duels? Players could team up into several “mini-teams.” Throw in the option of disabling friendly-fire and this could really get interesting.


I’m not a big fan of maps strewn with powerups, ammo, and first aid kits by and large. Sorry I don’t have a very good alternative for this though – obviously we need to allow players to reload. Perhaps bring in the little stations from single player? Also, running over a fallen weapon could rearm it… it’s somewhat a drag to find a gun and then have to wander around looking for the appropriate ammo powerup just to keep it loaded. I suppose the suggestion of unlimited ammo for all (perhaps explosives & rockets excluded) is taking it a bit too far?


Anyhow, that’s some of my crazier ideas. I realize I’m joining the JK2 phenomenon a bit late to expect many if any of these to come to fruition. But if any modder/developer takes an interest, I’d be more than happy to help in any way I can. (Besides a game enthusiast, I am a designer by profession - I even own a legitimate copy of A|W Maya. I'd be happy to contribute my talent in that regard if needed.)


Feel free to comment, criticize or chastise my loopy ideas however you see appropriate.


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