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Replacing Jedi with Knights and giving them swords?


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:cool: Well...


For MP all you'd have to do is download the Lord of the Rings weapons and characters pack. Play a game with no forece powers.


Single player is toughter. You can replace the models/skins of the characters and give them swords (like I did in Dragon Remix) but it's a lot of work to remove the force powers, even to the point of making the game unplayable.


If you can be more sepcifi we could help more.

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Yea, just add another pk3 file with your "sword" saber GLM (named saber_w.glm I think) and skin, and add your knight model and make sure that it's name is the same as the models of the Jedi's. As for force powers, set sv_cheats 1 and type in setforceall 0 and then setforcejump 1, setsaberattack 3, setsaberdefend 3 (or something like that) so you get no force powers save your jump, saber stances and saber defence.

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hi! thanks for the replys. I get the part about replacing existing characters but im a bit shaky on giving every character used, a sword and reducing every characters force powers, except yours.


This a Lotr Mod :D Helms Deep battle

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Attention to any scripter who would like to join a quality mod. My LOTR:Helms Deep mod needs a scripter/coder to help Zeus with the workload. Not too much work basic timed spawning and changing current jk2 characters to new LOTR modeled ones. Also would be great if you know how to do cutscenes. Example of my mapping and modeling skills can be seen in the Genosian Battle Mod. Here a quick progress shot: (we have map built and new lotr models being worked on)


By Chairwalker:



By me:



Please I hope someone will conatact me soon theres is alot more to show:




aol: shadyz02

msn: tmshadyz@hotmail.com

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