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Scripter/Coder needed for LOTR: MOD **images** Please read.


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Attention to any scripter who would like to join a quality mod. My LOTR:Helms Deep mod needs a scripter/coder to help Zeus with the workload. Not too much work basic timed spawning and changing current jk2 characters to new LOTR modeled ones. Also would be great if you know how to do cutscenes. Example of my mapping and modeling skills can be seen in the Genosian Battle Mod. Here a quick progress shot: (we have map built and new lotr models being worked on)


By Chairwalker:



By me:



Please I hope someone will conatact me soon theres is alot more to show:




aol: shadyz02

msn: tmshadyz@hotmail.com

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Its Higgi here but my account somehow buggered up so i had to make a new one, i hav since earlier this month developed my skills and maybe able to help with this if you still need help. i lerned how to make cutscenes the other day, i hav behav ed and should be able to laern this stuff very quickly. If u hav msn check my sig for the address, or just PM me if ya want.

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