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Lord Of The Rings Mod would be cool?

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Hey man i reckon a lord of the rings Mod would be kool hehe.

i mean like

Kyle : Aragorn/Frode

Jan : Ummmm ArweN??????

Luke : Elrond

Jedi's : A Dwarf or elf

JediF : Cant think of anyone

Stormtroopers : Orks

Swamptroopers : Nazgul

Shadow Troopers : Uruk-Hai

Tavion : Black Rider or Lurtz :)

Morgan : Maybe Bilbo or something


I know its not that all good but its all i could think of reply if it seems to suck


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yea, me and a friend were thinking about making a LOTR multiplayer mod, made a few maps and then realized that since making new animations was such a bitch that it wouldnt be worth it (for bows and arrows etc..)


If anyone does know how to add new animations or wants to help feel free to contact me so we can re-begin the mod. I think it would be a really cool thing to do :D


-Pajama Sam-

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i dont see why you couldnt piece together a bow and arrow anim from existing animations, not that i know much. find an anim for the left arm straight out in front, with hand in a fist in right position, and an anim of the right arm bent with fist close to head. then again are there seperate anims for arms?

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ahhh someone moved the thread, couldnt find if for a second haha


yea, all the animations are on the entire body, which is a good thing especially for third person viewing.


I was browsing the genereal editing forums and discovered there already is a LOTR mod based around Helm's deep. We were planning on having helms deep as a map, but not the whole mod. Best of luck to you guys, hopefully you can find some way of getting animation to work before you have helms deep almost entirely mapped and have to stop (personal experience haha)


Anyone like ninjas and know how to map/model/skin/texture art?

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How many LOTR mods are there now? I cant even remember. But mostly I think that the way you can make this mod really good is to make completly new models, huds and maps.

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