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Anybody collect the cards?

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Originally posted by GUNNER

I have a bunch of the original trading cards cards that came in the package with gum. I have about 250 in all. All are from the 1977-1981 era.


sorry, I chewed all the gum already.:rolleyes:


Yeh, I bought some of those at the card shows. We got alot better at making cards. :p

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The best game, is of course the Costumixable Card Game from Decipher!!


I still play, allthough Wizards of the coast has the rights to make SW card games at the moment.


Yeah I have a little Magic cards..! Interested??


Well, if any1 is interested in trading Star Wars Costumizable Card Game cards, then email me you haves and wants. I'll see what I can do for ya.


For those who dont know WTF I'm talking about heres a link.


Star Wars Costumizable Card Game



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