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New Jedi Order (Poss. Spoilers)

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Originally posted by Wraith 8

Well i knew they werent a squad anymore... but i mean.... do they apear in any NJO books.. and as i see they do....

in which ones?


They appear in Destiny's Way, but its almost more of a cameo. There is one book that play a decent role in, but i'm not sure which one it was.

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Yea, they are mentioned a great deal in the Behind Enemy Lines Books.


Spoilers Ahead:











Several stay behind on Borleais (including Piggy) to help train Jaina on how to be a better "Trickster Goddess" by teaching her advanced psychological warfare techniques.


The others accompany Luke, Mara, Tahiri, and Danni Quee on an undercover mission back to Coruscant. These include Face Loran, Kell Tainer, Ellasar (the Deveronian), and some new faces. There, they help the Jedi's search for a tremendous evil presence that they feel while trying to contact remaining survivors.

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Best NJO Books:


Star By Star: The most exciting and action filled novel. Awesome author. Anakin died, my friend died in december, death is unstoppable for it is a part of life...


Traitor: I finished that book in about 2 days. Jacen kicked so much freaking ass, Vergere was very unique and fun to read. I was a little mad that she didn't do more in Destiny's Way.


Vector Prime, Dark Tide I & II: These 3 books got me hooked to the series. Dark Tide I & II had the best battle scenes ever written for Star Wars. Everyone who reads EU should read these 3 first.

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* * * SPOILERS * * *



Being a fan of the star ship battles, the evacuation of Coruscant in Star by Star and Ackabr's plan in Detsiny's Way were something.


But the defense of Borelias - WOW!


In general, the writers have been keeping the flow, through change of planet, character focus, plot focus and with this new spin on the Force from the galaxy's last remaining Old Republic Jedi, Vegere...


There has been so much to look at and think about.


Have no fav books, just ones I prefer less... But not by much...


The steady corrosion of the Solo family was awesome.


Han going AWOl, the effect on Leia, Jaina's giving up caring, Jacen hiding from it all when he can, Anakin's merging his father with his grandfather.


And when Anakin fell... Rivalled the loss of Aeris in FFVII for shockwaves.

Leia holding Ben to the point of suffocation, not wanting to let him go, to leave him in such a world as theirs.


Sucj powerful writing through out the series.


Great work - can't wait for the Force Heretic series, and the (as last I heard) un-named final book...


(Plus - unrelated but still note worthy - Tatooines Ghost released soon also.)

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