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Father Torque Foundation

Father Torque

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Hello swampies i am putting together a little foundation called the Father Torque foundation. Lateley we have recieved a new point system here at lucasforums and i want to help keep this point system running because it encourages people to post and make threads. The Father Torque Foundation is a foundation that has users like yourselves donate some points to less fortunate users. Also to donate to that swampie or any other member that really need points to get that special thing from the LF general store.

So if you like this new foundation please be apart and help out and tell me that you would like to be be apart of this new organization.


Remember you could help a fellow swampie and forumer:)

please help


Come on Swampies there are people in need like Tyrion who wants his name in Italics

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Plus he copied everything i wrote and changed the name from Father Torque Foundation to Spoon Helper Foundation

Roflmao... haha i just kept laughing at that. :D

Well really i thought it was a good idea so i made it spoon franchise to make it popular ;) It worked........ you had no posts in yours when my thread had 5. :)

Now your thread is popular and the idea is sold :D



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Originally posted by Agen_Terminator

Only if the chicken leg is made to look stupid like george bush...... :)


What the hell is wrong with George Bush...damn, I don't mean to take it serious but it pisses me off when people talk crap about him. He is a great president and the only reason ppl talk about him is because they believe all the crap the media says about him. :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:

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"Dear ... 2DTV

Ple " uh how do you spell it... erm yeh"ase don't make me look stupid heh heh heh *puts letter in toaster* Heh heh heh, that dog has floppy ears!!!! heh heh heh.



Just going for the same streak as 2dtv :D

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