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What is wrong with the world?


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Yes, just what is wrong with the world these days?


Christ, my week has been somewhat disturbing, well it has to me.


Let's see. I was in Harvery Norman. This is a somewhat largish store selling everything from furniture, to electrical/computers. Now, I was in said store when my best mate's uncle came in. He had a broken webcam. Cost him about $350. He'd only had it for about 4-5 days. Apparently, other customers had the same problem, must have been a dud batch or something.


Anyway, he was the first customer to bring back the webcam, so he was talking to one of the girls at the counter, who was rather damn rude. She tried to tell him, that he must have 'dropped it'. He had only tried to tilt the stupid thing, when it all came apart.


She said to him 'Go and talk to somebody else, I have better things to do then waste my time with people who are too stupid to even know how to use a computer.'


He was furious, and he just stormed straight out. Then to make matters worse, this ******* of a chick then started talking to a chick working with her. The conversation went something like this. 'I know why that dirty old bastards webcam broke, he must have broken it when he was wanking over a video image of little children or something. They both started giggling and laughing.


At that point, I had been maybe 10 meters away, and I heard every ****ing word they said. So did a lot of other customers. I then went up to that stupid bitch, and I said 'Excuse me,' somewhat politely, and she said 'yeah, what' in the most rudest way possible. I told her I wanted to speak to the manager, and she wanted to know why, so I told her that wasn't any of her damn business, get me the manager. Then she had the audacity to say to me 'Don't you speak to me like that you retard.' At this point, I totally lost it. I said 'Who the **** do you think you are? You call somebody I know a pedophile you rude, disgusting whore.' At this point my voice was raised, and every single person in the computer section all had their eyes focused on me. I hate attention, and I do hate causing scenes, but this one was neccessary.


Anyhow, the manager then came running out, and then I told him the whole story. Apparently, they have had a few complaints about these chicks before, so the manager just said to them 'You've already had your last chance, you don't care about the reputation of our customers, or of our store, so you're fired.'


All it takes is just one bitch like that, and it can ruin a person's reputation. As it turns out there had been a reporter for the local newspaper in the store. Fortunately, he knew my mates uncle pretty well, so he knew what these bitches were saying wasn't true. Normally, a reporter would have jumped at a story like that, especially in a small town near where I live.


Whatever has happened to friendly, helpful service?


I work in a petrol service station, you see a lot of dead beat scums. For instance, there is a telephone booth located directly in front of the service station about 20 meters away. Anyhow, these teenage morons came past on bikes and they had tin cans. I didn't think much of it. They threw one of them into the phone booth, but I was too busy to worry about it, I thought they were just littering. Anyway, about a minute later a guy came to use the phone, and then suddenly, there was a loud bang, and the bloody can had exploded, a large piece of shranel had cut this poor chap's face from near the eye, to his cheek, and it was pissing blood. So I called the ambulance, and the police and reported the matter. Apparently, these teenage idiots do this quite a lot, they even put the ****ing cans inside people's letter boxes. They should be ****ing shot. What's going to end up happening, is that somebody is going to reach in to take out their mail, and they are going to get their ****ing hand blown off.


Can somebody please tell me what the **** is going wrong with the world? What has gone wrong with the youths of today?


Sorry about the length guys, I've just had one weird week.

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It's really disturbing.


Here in Brazil I never saw saleswomen as stupid and rude as those.

But it's not very hard to see that violence and stupidity. Here, there and all over the world. And things are not getting better.


Sorry about my english.

I can understand it very well, but still think I'm not good on writing.

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