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I think if there is a JK3, it should be about Kyle fighting the Yuuzhan Vong, instead of the Remnant, cause I am getting tired of killing stormtroopers, and the Yuuzhan Vong have very unique technology that has yet to be put into a game of any type. And it would be cool if you got Mark III armour, like how u got Tusken Clothing in MOTS

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Originally posted by yangyan

Mmmmmmm i can't wait till JK3's out. I bet there will be all this 3d stuff. got any ideas?


Hmmmmm........now correct me if i am wrong.....but isn't Jedi Knight 2 completely in 3D? ;)



I want to have more control over my lightsaber....i wanna have to block the blaster bolts myself....like...click down on the middle mouse button and then move the mouse to move my saber around and block the bolts.....that would be fun....hard....but fun.

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Hopefully they'll add character customization for MP.

Make SP sabre combat either the same or similar to MP.

Kyle can either be a NPC or dead, and you can play as an apprentice or child of Kyle.

Manual blocking would be good, maybe a meter to control the force of deflecting.

I would like to see faster force regen / more force for Masters and less for Initiates.

Some RP elements would be nice.

SP should be more SW-like with the threat of the Darkside meaning you can fall to the Darkside.

If you do enough negative actions, your allignment will drop below average and eventually you will become a dark jedi.

Alternative endings.

Custom hilt creation / hilt selection.

Maybe some more sabre colours. (Silver / White / Light Blue)

Tons of other features I've heard people speak of, aswell as ones included in the JKIII poll. :)

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isnt it already 3D???



i think there is no need for another game, the only different thing would be the storyline. Because the weapons and characters will all generally be the same (Kyle, fighting yet another sith that nobody has heard of before bent on destroying the rebels):rolleyes:

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Kyle already fell to the DS. No more of that crap! He is just a Knight. What would be good is....


Less SW realistic enviroments. Sure, looked like the movies, but it was dull, bland, and repetitious. In the previous titles, every world was different.


Shadow Academy. I am writing a fanfic on this. Kyle must find his daughter who was captured by Brakiss. She has been turned, and Kyle must fight her and get her to come back to the light. Don't have an ending for the story yet...


Better guns. No more of those JO things. Let's get some more SW-like guns, or guns with fire power as seen in the original 3 games.


Better boss. Desann sucked. Mohc, Jerec, and Jerec's underlings were better.


Outside. We want more outside enviroments I think. Grassy, earth-like, not some barren canyon with meteors and the sort...


That's all I can think of for now. I'd prefer if they do a next JK, it'd better be better than JO with more replayablity and a new, original story. I'm sick of new Dark Jedi. Brakiss could be in it, but you don't need to fight him. You can fight and kill some of his best students as bosses...

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This will never happen but wouldnt it be cool if:


Jedi Knight 3 : Master of the Force (a bit contredictory)


Kyle could start of with the force powers from JK2 at the bear minimum. The first few levels could be jedi helpy outie work in citys, with killable civillians. If you decide to kill all the civillians you turn to the Dark side and eventually become a Darkside Master. If you dont kill the civillians or if you heal the injured ones you become a lightside master with two seperate story lines that eventually join but with alternate endings. I you use guns throughout the whole game you could have kyle destroying his saber and saying how hes giving up on the force :D .

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Galaxies will still be better, theres no reason to put out two big SW titles when we all know Galaxies (being a mmorpg) would out do a said JK3


My friend is beta testing it and he says it's all a bunch of quick shocks to cover a dull game :rolleyes:

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Originally posted by XERXES

Galaxies will still be better, theres no reason to put out two big SW titles when we all know Galaxies (being a mmorpg) would out do a said JK3


Galaxies is a MMORG

KotOR is an RPG

JKIII would be a FPS


Three different genres. Personally, I am not at all interested in Galaxies. I'm snagging KotOR this year, and will get any more titles dealing with the DF/ JK saga. No matter how old he is, I still wanna play as Kyle. Would you ming playing as Qui-Gon? He's 60! Kyle would only be in his early 50s if Shadow Academy/ NJO.

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the galaxies beta test right now is lagging, i know, im not allowed to say much of anything about it. but i can say that the progress is a little slow:( but it does look promising.



i dont know about you guys but i want something different, im tired of just randomly hacking and slashing and shooting people in JK2 with no real objective (and i believe itl be the same in 3, no matter how "realistic" they make it)

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Like th graphic in JKII - not awesome a times, but JK needs SPEED to work - algging lightsaber just doesn't have it, so I would sacrifice graphics to little beyond what they were if speed remainded.


I think that they should not do a JKIII, but a lot of MOTS style misison packs. Each one different:

Follow Jedi Padawan in revenge for the murder of his master, going to the Dark side,

Follow a Dark Jedi (Young Palpatine or Darth Maul would rock),

A set of three like Half-Life's, where the stories intertwine,

A Dark Jedi going Light,

Do the movies,


EU Material,



And do new weapons:

Selection of sabers (Dual available for SP if Maul),

Have different blasters for each person, if at all,

But most of all - avoid guns where possible! A hand blaster and maybe some theral detonators.


And have the saber and Force do more in the line of mission completion:

Ligtning to power old doors/droids,

Saber to cut open doors/walls/floors,

Mind trick on animals to assist you,

MP powers in SP,

New powers,


By I have said this each time this tread comes around...


Would be nice though!

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I never minded Kyle. I think he is what Dark Forces/Jedi knight is about. JKIII would not be as good wthout Kyle. But they could spice it up, like having Jan and kyle get married, having a kid, and maybe on a few levels, be able to play as the kid. That would be cool. :)

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