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What's your Wallpaper? (56k ouchies)


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Hey stoffe, are those modded clothes or new stuff from shivering isles?


Just some new modded clothes I made for my current character. Nothing that remarkable: Washed, unstained and recolored sack cloth pants, a re-textured chainmail armor and retextured daedric bracers. Still turned out pretty nice IMO. Appearance is pretty important when you're going to be looking at your character for 200+ hours, and most of the standard clothing in the game was pretty ugly, in my opinion. :)


Shivering Isles does add some new types of clothing and armor that looks fairly OK, but didn't fit the style of my character. My Breton girl prefers white, not gloomy dark or vibrantly colorful as the Shivering Isles citizens do. :)

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My new wallpaper.


Its an in game screen shot from Lord of the Rings Online! It was resized by photobucket. The original is 1600x1200 and looks beautiful on my screen. Even resized its still beautiful!


Have a buddy key? And a place to download the client? O.o I really want to try this game, but Im not going to spend 50$ only to find out I dont like it.



My current wallpaper, Azusa Yamamoto <3

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