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What's your Wallpaper? (56k ouchies)


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I would imagine this wouldn't need an explanation:

Image removed to save on bandwidth of viewers, see post above.


OMG that dog is HUGE... and those blades of grass... where were you, the Land of Giants? O.O;;

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Have a buddy key? And a place to download the client? O.o I really want to try this game, but Im not going to spend 50$ only to find out I dont like it.

I do have a buddy key, but unless you can find a place to download it on the official site, http://www.lotro.com/ ,you're out of luck. :(


If you can find a place to get the client, I'll give you my buddy key. I won't be needing it.

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I found mine on another site, it was a KOTOR parody of the scene out of Monty Python and the Search for the Holy Grail when King Arthur ask the French guys at the castle if they know where the holy grail is. The French Guys say they already have one as a joke to throw off King Arthur. The drawing shows Carth asking Malak, Revan, and it looks like Bastila if they know where the Star Forge is and they say that they already have one, but before i had a drawing of Darth Vader (file was called the Jedi Purge) and he was in the center of the room surrounded by Jedi and a dead Jedi was laying on the floor (there was a hand missing, and a hole through the chest)

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