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Photorealistic Yoda


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Well, hopefully an admin will step in and move it to the skinning section. About the skin, wow, it look so good!!, Hope you get the approval!


EDIT: I just read again your first post, and you only have to send a e-mail or a PM to the authors of the Yoda model and ask for permision to submit this re-skin.

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Year i know about the hair, i dont know how to do shaders and the shader program in the editing tools doesnt seem to work on my pc.

If anyone would like to help me do some shaders a post (or mail rjurs85@hotmail.com) would be greatly appriciated

Now about the skintone, ive don my best to correct the color of the face and cloths so it should mach exactly to the dvd. BTW ive done some more colorcorecting after the picture was made.

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That does indeed look great. :)


I would love to see it released, and I hope you get permission.


As for the hair; It would seem a nice addition to the skin, since he does seem to have quite a fair bit of white hair in the shot on Yoda on the image.


But my question is, is the hair flat or raised from his head?

I thought shaders would help if his hair was flat on the head, but it seems to be quite wavy on-top of his head.

That's why I think it may need a little model addition, although I could be wrong...


I do not know much about shaders, but seeing white hair on yoda's head wave around would be a good idea. :D


I just checked the original Yoda skin, and that seems to have some hair on the head texture, and I don't think it makes use of a shader..



The shader file included with the Yoda model release, seems to use shaders for hair and face textures, does the yoda model have hair that moves?

I'm not an expert with shaders, but I might see what I can do involving the hair...

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Well making the hair wave in the wind is not possibul, not that i know off. but you are right that the model hat hair i just hided it when i took the pictures couse it would look stubid when not skinned nor shaded. i just need a person capabul of creating a shaded hair that look like the AOTC hair.

It is not that i dont like the hail on the original skin i just dont think that it looks like "AOTC" yoda's.

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Looks cool man, cant wait for release. his pupils are a bit too dark too tho you probably already know that.


I would love to see a photo-realistic DARTH MAUL skin too man. That would be wicked, hehehe, just giving you some ideas.


other ideas:

photo-realistic Darth Vader

photo-realistic Luke Skywalker

photo-realistic Obi-wan

photo-realistic Qui gon


etc, etc, etc


Did I mention photo-realistic Darth Maul................Oh yeah I did hehehe, ok thats enough.


I cant wait to see if anyone can get Yoda's hair shader working, that would rock. Good luck with that.

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