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More games for the repetoire


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Believe it or not, not everyone likes first-person shooters. Oh, those crazy fools.


Anyone got any slightly unconventional multiplayer games they might like to play online? Here's my two:


* GTA2

* Ultim@te Race Pro

* HARDWAR (nobody owns this except me)


The former (GTA) only really works online with low pings (50ms and below), so I wouldn't bother unless you have broadband of some kind, and your opponents all live in the same part of the world as you. Mort and I have tried it and it's great with two. With more, it'd be even better. :)


Ultimate Race Pro may be a bit rank as a general racing game, but it has a superb multiplayer feature: RABBIT MODE. It's like the Vigilante mode in GTA3, except multiplayer and set in a big field, man! This works fine with plenty of people on any kind of connection, or so it seems.


Anyway, reply if you're interested in playing any of these gems, or have other gems of your own you'd like to suggest.

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