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The IC's of The Associates


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You can decide the cost of entering your bar. This amount is taken from each person entering the bar, so even if you set the price very low, a popular bar could give you quite an income...


You'll have to build the bar if you are to own it. Presumable it will be most successful in a PA town, since there are no NPC bars there.


Oh, and swediot will have it, since he knows better than not serving me when I am in a drunken stupor!

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Originally posted by DarkLord14

How can you own he local cantina? Won't there be alot of people wanting to own the local cantina? Do you have to but it with your own money? Do you earn money by having people order drinks?


are you questioning my authorotah? there will not be alot of people wanting to own it because theyll be dead or severly injured. you may not know this but wookies are known to do some scary things if they dont get what they want. and yes i assume you earn money from selling drinks


and im not gonna say anything about setsukos post because im too tired to understand what she said

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Name (ingame): Tarro (Sionit if last name is needed for wookies)

Age: about 150-200

Height: Average for a wookie, probably about 2 meters.

Backround: Tarro was born on Kashyyk. Around the age of 100, he wanted to see the galaxy. He was facinated with buildings not made out of wood and became an architect....he always carries his trusty bowcaster.

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Name: Arina X'Hiari (Pronounced: Ar-Eena Se-âree)

Sex: (;) Seems to be all males;) ) Female

Homeworld: Tatooine/Keren, Naboo

Profession: Swordwoman/Expert Duelist/Spy

Age: 19

Height: 5'7"

Weight: 113

Appearance: Straight brown hair down to her shoulders. She has soft, deep green eyes and a gentle face. She looks harmless at first glance, but when the blade comes out, people die. She is wanted on parts of Tatooine for rogue activities and murder of an Imperial Officer. She met up with a wookie by the name of Shreneka and a Bothan named Nygle. They fled Tatooine and have temporarily been stranded on Naboo. HER PARENTS ARE NOT MISSING... :p




...They disowned her. She is the daughter of former duke and duchess X'Hiari of Keren, Naboo. With no where to go she (Eventually) joins The Associates for protection and to get a new start. She has no leanings for or against either the Rebellion or the Imperials, except the Imperials are after her, so she has gone into hiding.

(I just hope there is a way to do all this in the game; the murder and bounty I mean.) Otherwise I will have to think up something somewhat different.:(


She has an easy going personality and a tendency towards joking around, but when the situation calls for it, she is serious and a great leader. At first glance, she can seem more like a loner than someone who would give her last credit away to a "poor soul" with little on their backs but their "starting gear." She helps those in need, but has a tendency towards keeping information from people on a need to know basis. She will not give any information away unless there is good cause. She fears death, yet marches cautiously into battle.


Being so young, she tends to be lost in her ways and has not carved a path out for herself yet. She is still swimming through the void trying to find her way so to speak.



---She may be hard to roleplay, but hey she will keep me on my toes:D ---


Views- IC


*In Swediots cantina; being interviewed by an anonymous traveler looking for someone to talk to to pass the time.*


Rich: They're all right I guess... Could share the wealth and help those not as fortunate as themselves. But whatever, I can't stop them, what, with their infinite capacity for murder when those who shouldn't, go poking their heads in affairs that don't concern them???


Poor: They're poor because they don't try??? Well, Hell no!!! Those poor nerfs never had the sheltered life the rich Nobles had. These people are poor because no one else helps them. Everyone needs a boost to start a career. Credits... Poor families don't have the ability to be rich, because they have nothing to gamble.


Mercenaries: These poor fools think the credits are in guns for higher??? *Laughs quietly to herself* I used to think so, too... Not so much anymore though. *Grumbles about a job she once took for one of the richer Tatooinian moisture farmers.* Sure the Banthas were eating his crops, but that's because the fool didn't bury them deep enough. Damn near got me killed! All too often mercenaries aren't given the whole story. Information is vital to success, and that's exactly what hot-headed mercs DON'T have.


Politicians: Laws are great... especially when you're on their good side. Politicians I have run across??? All self loving Imperial Credit mongers here... Or aligned with Jabba and his men. Sure they're "fair." Only if you're the one paying their salary... Then they'll do whatever you want... Fair... Some are... Most aren't. They may have the information, but not the heart, or the ambition... It's a shame.


Rebels: They fight for they're cause. I commend them. *Applauds gently* But what can little farmers do against the Empire? *She says this more like a statement.*


Imperials: I HATE them... Don't let me near them or heads may roll... Literally... But it depends: Do they know of me??? Because it wasn't my fault, really!!!


War: War is needed to further a cause and build resources to lead your people. War, in the end, brings great unity and valor to its victors at the least. I would participate, but I don't want to die... No sane person does. I am no lunatic. *She smiles softly, tapping her fingers on her blade as she lays it out across the table.* Are you?


I am a leader at heart, but it's SO much easier to work alone. If people need me, I'll be there to lead them. *She looks over her shoulder as the serving droid makes its rounds.* Otherwise, they better not slow me down.


"May I get you something?" comes the electronic voice.

No, I don't drink.

"Oh, I see," it makes its way to other patrons.

As I was saying. If people need a leader, I will be there to help as best I can. But... if they get in my way when they can help themselves, I may just refuse. I live to learn, and if people haven't learned enough to save themselves, what can I do but teach them? But then they must ask themselves if they are willing to learn...


Consider yourself lucky traveler... I usually don't give out information to those who don't work for it... Lucky... Indeed... *Arina grins and casually looks away.*

Come back and talk to me another time. I'm trying to earn enough credits to get off this dustball. I want to learn more of the galaxy... *Softly clears her throat.* Go to Corellia. I hear it's beautiful there...

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Name: Kieran Lieut

Race: Human

Sex: Male

Homeworld: Tattooine

Profession: Weaponsmith and/or Armorsmith, depending on gameplay.

Appearance: Medium build, average height. Hair color and style will most likely be ever-changing, but to start out with Kieran will have brown hair and hazel eyes. Clothing will be earth tones; mostly browns and tans with some green thrown in, and dark brown boots.

Background: Kieran grew up in a middle-class family, with little opportunity to make as much money as he wanted. He is innately good at making and fixing things, and plans to use his talents in order to make money and help friends he acquires on his travels.

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Originally posted by Thew Rydur

Yeah, your right swediot... It was one of his ancestors or something... I can't remember.


And Wraith, is there any chance we could get our bios put up on the site?


well i think it was the name he took for his undervoer name because it was very close to his own corran horn- kieran halcyon they are sota similar anyway

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Name: Tomar Zanarkan

Race: Human

Sex: Male

Homeworld: Corellia

Profession: Smuggler, and or Spy depending on gameplay.

Age: 17

Height: 6 '0"

Weight: 145 Lbs

Appearance: Dark Brown hair, blue eyes, regular tan skintone. Medium Muscle Build. Most of Tomar's wear is dark blue jumpsuits and the traditional smuggler's jacket and pants.

Background: Born on the artifical planet of Corellia, Tomar Diikol was almost destined to take life as a smuggler. Tomar's family owned and worked the Zanarkan Warstopper Cantina, and had shares over a sector of a respectable Corellian Ore industry. When he reached 16 years of age, Tomar's parents began to persuade him to decide over a career for his future. They insisted that he not go off-world for that would only lead to him becoming a part of this Galatic Civil War. One fateful day a space navigator by the name of Markus Drua entered the Zanarkan Warstopper Cantina. It seemed that a bounty hunter had his sights on the space navigator, as a gun fight ensued upon the man's entrance into the cantina lobby. Called by his father to engage and stop this conflict, Tomar chased the two combatants down the narrow streets of Corellia City. Tomar found Markus as he was about to be killed by the bounty hunter. Tomar whipped out his blaster as fast as he could and fired two shots at the hunter's back. Markus offered Tomar a reward of 10,000 credits for saving his life, instead Tomar requested that the space navigator allow him to journey across the galaxy. Markus agreed and the duo escaped into the the reaches of space the night after. At this present time Tomar can be found working in a well known Cantina in the town of Mos Eisly on the planet Tatoonie. In secret the young man does jobs for the local Hutt Crimelords by smuggling and trading illegal items back and forth. Tomar is beginning to collect enough credits so that he can modify and buy off the Merciless Sabre from Frigin, a local Bith Musician.

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Name: Grask Lekkren

Race: Zabrak

Sex: Male

Homeworld: Naboo

Profession: Mercenary

Age: 26

Height: 6'0"

Weight: 152

Appearance: Tan skin, slightly muscular, no hair. He has tattoos on his cheeks and chin, back of his neck down to his lower back, and arms. Series of horns, all about 1.5” long.


Background: Born on Naboo, Grask’s mother died when he was born. Grask’s father, an “enforcer” working for a crime lord on Coruscant, took him in. He got into a bad crowd when he was young, and eventually he started working for this same crime lord. When Grask was 17, his father was killed, and he took his father’s place. When he was 21, a Bounty Hunter killed the crime boss, and Grask was left without a job. Knowing only a life of crime, and working for money, he became a Mercenary. He has recently moved back to his homeworld of Naboo.


My Bio is a little more detailed then I made it look, but I just wanted to get it up here.

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Name: Vessenn Berak

Race: Zabrak

Sex: Male

Homeworld: Naboo

Profession: Teras Kasi Artist

Age: No one knows.

Height: N/A

Weight: N/a

Appearance: Brown skin with blue facial tatoos. He has no hair and most of his appearance is covered by a black cloak.



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Name: Jatari Bazrak

Age: 23 standard yrs.

Gender: Male

Species: Zabrak

Profession: Musician/Teras Kasi Artist

Height:5' 11"

Weight:178 lbs.

Background: I was born on corellia, I lived a peacfull life til the empire came and destroyed our village. Many brave zabrak gave there lives so we could escape.


Then we came to a planet called TATOOINE and settled down in Mos Entha, but the black talon (organized by Mess the Hutt) found our location, gave it to the empire who destroyed the rest who escaped including my Mother and younger brother Zaron Bazrak.


I was determend to get revenge on Mess the hutt so i became a bounty hunter and Jabba gave me the mission of hunting down Mess. So I went to endor but messes security was really tight so I took on a job of hunting down a zabrak named Vessen.

He was headed for Naboo, in the ship that i planted a bomb in.


when i reached out of hyperspace I met vessen and decided to gain his trust by helping him get past the blockade. When I ignited the bomb and he survied I knew he would be a good ally to have with me. I also met Thew Rydur a formable bounty Hunter that could well rival with my own talent, but luckily he joined us and we just barely escaped the planet Naboo. We headed to endor and landed on the east side of Messes palace.

After getting into the palace we got to the throne room, But Mess had already reached his ship and in amazment we whatched as Mess flew away but then his ship exploded into thousand of pieces. Then Thew Rydur came up and said with a smirk. "Always have a backup plan." Then we settled in Corellia and where we had many adventures...and many were still to come.


Bio: A tan skinned zabrak with Midnight Blue Tatoo's, silver horns and a black Ponytail. Wears a Black Ubese undershirt, Black Gunmans duster, white Composite pants, Marine Boots, and ubese gloves.

Weapons: Vibro Knucklers

Vehicle: Speeder bike

Ship: light Hutt fighter

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Name: Froobuk


Age: 19


Gender: Male


Species: Wookie


Homeworld: Kashyyyk


Profession: Pikeman/Pistoleer


Height: 6"10


Weight: 255


Weapons: Pistol and a vibro-lance.


Appearence: Black coat with brown markings. Very tall and intimidating, yet still has a very young face. For his height he does not weigh very much.


Character Traits: Incredibly loyal, brave, loving.


Background: Expecting the invasion of the Kashyyyk, Froobuk's parents sent him to Naboo when he was 16 years old. Froobuk's parents unfortunetly had to stay behind on Kashyyyk becasue they were high ranking politcal figures. Left without very much money, no job, and very few skills Froobuk was very afraid upon his arival in Keren, Naboo. Within his first night however, things took a positive turn. While in the local cantina of Keren, a Trandoshan picked a fight with him. After easily winning the fight and buying everyone in the bar a drink, Froobuk caught the atention of a Zabrak by the name of Grask Lekkren. After explaining to Grask his situation, Froobuk moved in with the mercenary and the rest was history. :)


*The first day of playing SWG will be the next day from when Froobuk met Grask*


Froobuk will turn 20 on July 1st.

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Name= Wraag


Species= Wookie


Gener= Male


Profession= Artisan/ Architect


age= Old (I am not sure whats old for a wookie :p)


Character= 2.3 meters tall, covered with thick grey hair and has a very large body


Eyes- Wraag has deep Red eyes


HISTORY- A year after Wraag was born he was kidnapped by smugglers and broughten to tatoonie to repair broken driods, after three years of slavery Wraag escaped to Corellia and was raised by a family of Corellians. He grew to be very strong and muscular, but at the same time very intelligent. When the time came Wraag chose the road of the scholar and became a architect. Wraag decided to make his way back to Kashyyk to find his family, when he got there he learned that Trandoshan slavers had taken his family away in their sleep, not knowing what happend to his family Wraag became very violent and easily angered and subject to violent mood swings, espacialy when deailing with Trandoshians.Till this day Wraag searches for his parents hoping they are still alive.

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Name – Fiba’ona Takalyyn [Fiba]


Species – Twi’lek


Gender – Male


Age- 20


Skin – Red with crimson hue


Height – 1.58 meters


Body - Athletic


Profession – Scout[partial]/Teras Kasi Artist[full]/Fencer[full]/Melee Weaponsmith[full]/Tailor[partial]


Homeworld – Ryloth


Current Location – Naboo


Background – Fiba was born on Ryloth, the native planet to the Twi’lek. He only knew his father, Fido, because his mother was sold to slavery shortly after his birth. After the departure of his mother, Fido became a victim to the addictive drug ryll and it consumed his life. All of Fido’s actions revolved around his addiction to ryll so, in turn, Fiba was neglected. As he grew older he explored the mountains of Ryloth while his father was off running “errands.” Fiba survived mostly on harvested mold and fungi, something most Twi’lek are used to, and rycrits. He eventually became very self-dependent at a young age. After reaching his middle teens he explored the industrial cities of Ryloth more often than he used to. Cantinas and fitness centers became his favorite places to visit. He made a few friends but he never really connected with them. He enjoyed living the “lonely life” than being a social bug. Eventually a Bunduki martial artist recognized Fiba, a Twi’lek named Zylor, at a fitness center and began training to become a Teras Kasi artist. Under Zylor’s training he also learned fencing techniques. When returning home from training one day he found Fido dead, an obvious overdose of ryll. He stared at the body for only a moment and only shed half a tear. The next morning he left the planet of Ryloth on a smuggling ship. He didn’t care where the ship was taking him, but he soon found out that it was headed for Naboo. After arriving he needed to collect himself so he headed for the nearest cantina. There he sat with no emotion, he doesn’t know emotion because the only emotion he saw was that of his fathers which was either greed, anger, or hate, and Fiba disagreed with these emotions completely so he remained stoic. A Zabrak by the name of Grask confronted him during one of his visits to the cantina. Grask was a mercenary and he shared his stories of battles to Fiba, though he found the smell of the drink on his breath displeasing, but they connected with each other and became good friends, the first that Fiba could actually laugh with and have a good time with…what lies ahead for these two companions no one can tell.

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Originally posted by Xx_Patman_xX

Wraag old for a wookie is welll OLD. Wookies live several times longer than humans. I guess 100 or 110 might be a good age if you want to be the wise but not crippled type. :D


actually 1 hundred is quite young for a wookie.... 19 is extremely young :D i think when we see chewie in a new hope he is allmost like 200

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