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Do it the Lucas way!


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OK, new thread:

This is a list of things and how to do them the Lucas(Arts) way. I tried this on the old LucasFans forum, but it somehow didn't kick. Please try to stick to the 2 line format. I'll give some examples and start the list.


What to call your biker gang:



What to call your cat:



What to drink:



What to wear during Mardi Gras:

A pink skirt


What to say instead of "ouch":


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by what name to enter in a diving contest:

"Marco Pollo" - emi


what to say when eating chicken:



when wishing someone else luck with something:

"May The Force Be With You!" - star wars


when persuading someone to go along with you:

"Trust me.." - indy


when calling someone a geeky nerd:

"Sure sure, Dr. Ubermann!" - indy foa


when sneaking into a cinema for free:

"Look behind you, a three-headed-monkey!" - monkey

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When you're in the zoo, trying to scare kids, be very quiet and say:

The monkeys are listening...


...and if that doesn't scare them, say:



...and if that doesn't work, yell at them:

Bring me my bride! And more slaw!


And then, when you're thrown into a padded room, you can entertain your roommate:

You're as repulsive as a monkey in a negligee.

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Where to go to hide:

Sekrit Lab


Where to go for Spring Break



What drinking cup to use:

The cup of a carpenter


What to name your kids:

Bobbin Threadbare and Guybrush Threepwood


Best vacation spot:

Largest Ball of Twine on Earth


What to do with your life:

Join a motorcycle gang


No. 1 drug to avoid:

Life crystals


The ultamate pet:

Demon mechanic

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