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Crimson Legion now recruiting!


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Heh...thanks for your spirit, Paul. It is greatly appreciated...

Anyone who may be even remotely interested, just check out our site and see what you think. We are saber-only, but it doesn't mean that may not have fun with guns sometimes just for the heck of it...

If you're into guns and sabers equally, just out Crimson Masters...

If you're just into sabers, check out Crimson Legion...

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Well, I see it's been over a month and a half since I posted here, so I'll give it a bump. Crimson Legion is now 6 members strong, and growing. We play mondays, wednesdays, and most fridays starting at 10:30 pm central time till whenever. We use sabers, guns, and full force...keeps things exciting that way, but sometimes we restrict ourselves to just sabers. Come on by our site and give it a look, we'd be glad to give anyone a tryout as long as their attitude is good...

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Well, Dante should just transfer his posts over to this thread considering that this one was here first (and has been here since 2/24/03, and that speaks longevity!). I'd suggest posting on this thread, instead, Ant...

Dante should pay more attention.

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Interested in join a clan (Crimson Legion) we are a seven member clan that is very united and we are accepting new members who which to join. please no 56k connections. Post here if you have any questions.


Read Below,visit http://www.dante.crimsonlegion.org for clan info if you are interested post on the forums on our website http://www.crimsonlegion.org go to bottom of this page answer those questions on forums


We hold practices on Mondays and Wensdays at 10:30 central standard time, Fridays are optional we expect to follow clan policies.


Clan Policies Are As Follows:

We are all expected to treat other members with the highest respect and to carry Honor of the clan.

• You will be kind, courteous, helpful and supportive of all members.

• You will be respectful to any person that visits any CL game. Treat them as guest and potential new member. Be welcoming.

• Unacceptable behavior includes but not limited to, name calling, ridiculing, threatening, destructive public humiliation not of a joking or friendly manner toward any member of CL or any associated alliances. Will be inforced by CL Counsil.

• You may lose privileges, titles, status, access, and respect or even worse be kicked from the clan if you are caught and charged with this offense.


Post On Join Requests On Our Website http://www.crimsonlegion.org

if you are interested in joining, please be sure to state the following:


*how you found out about us

*your age

*your location

*your connection

*what you feel you can offer



Copyright Crimson Legion 2003

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So, I see here you were trying to start your own clan...and yet you're asking to join Crimson Legion. I also see that you are still (as of today) posting here trying to recruit people to join this clan you're starting. Maybe you could clear this up for me...


Are you planning to (if accepted) become a member of CL AND run your own clan?


Speaking as one of the council members of CL, I know how taxing it can be to run a clan. This is where I stand (my opinions are not necessarily a reflection of CL's Council decisions):


In an effort to foster dedication, you should choose one or the other. Specifically, if you want to join CL you should dedicate yourself to that alone. If you really want to start your own clan, then you should do that and not try to join another clan in addition.


I'm not trying to be a jerk, or tell you that you can't join CL. That decision is not mine alone. I am, however, trying to convey what I've learned through experience. It takes ALOT to run a clan. If you feel confident that you can do both, and CL's council agrees to let you join, then I will welcome you with open arms. Think carefully about what you hope to accomplish. Then let us know what you decide.


Best of luck in all your endeavors,



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