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Forcemod 2 Beta Feedback


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THIS MOD ROCKS! however....


1) bugs:


Okay, firstly, when ever I play as a merc I'm stuck as espionage

It says I'm bounty hunter, heavy soldier hat ever, but i get espionage equipment and abilities. This is annoying coz i really wanna try out the other classes.

And secondly i get the same problem as i think lionking said it, that when i try to join it says i can't change teams more then once every 5 seconds, then wont let me join until i boot every one.

Thirdly, espionage starts with no blaster ammo with me.




I love basically everything you've done, merc and jedi classes are cool and the menu's are done excellently(that even a word?).

HOWEVER, I'm sure some other people have mentioned it, the saber cores are just to FAT. thin is larger then the original size, and if you ask me, it should be thinner(call me crazy).

I got that line flaoting next to the blade with a thin core aswell.

Are you able to give the grappling hook textures? Because I think it'd be nice if it looked like a steel cable(nothin fancy, basically just a grey cord), also I like someones idea(sorry cant remember who) to make it use the saber throw animation, because it would look great coming from the hand.

Also how about lightning being able to zap explosives outta the air, It'd be a nice secondary use for it.


Finally whats the tazer mentioned in the readme? i got no idea what it is. Could someone enlighten me?

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there are differnt equipment and abilities? Well...anyway i was just thinking that i saw a 2 gun pic on the website and it was 2 storm trooper blasters how i get those? Also i dont know how it happend but the game thought i had 2 pistols and it fired as if i had 2 pistols too (just normal shots nothing like rockets) BUT (i swear i even have a pic of it but cant post it) i had 1 pistol and 1 rocket launcher! IT WAS SO MESSED UP! Has this ever happend to anyone else? Well anyway like i said i cant attach files on here so i cant post them but i swear i have pics of it! If anyone has any idea's of how to post it tell me cuz this was really funny.

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I have put together all of my suggestions and things-that-need-to-be-fixed into one picture, so please Azymn take a look and fix them. Thanks!

Crap I can't attach a picture, because it isn't a internet picture. So please go the JK2files forums and go to JK2 general. I will have a new thread named: To Azymn. Please take a look. Thanks! :bdroid2:

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Update: Interesting Bot discoveries


  • Bots using a setting of Merc 4 won't use sabers (or most of the Merc goodies), however they start with 0 ammo, thus usually only use the stun stick.
    Non-Merc bots, with a tck_doublesaber setting of 1 or higher are considered "pure" Jedi/Sith - they won't use any weapons besides sabers and aren't allowed most item pickups such as health or sentries.
    Non-Merc bots, without a tck_doublesaber setting or with a setting of 0 will use weapons besides sabers and are allowed to pick up all items.


Personally, I'd like more control to specifically limit bots' access to certain weapons, as well as what weapons they spawn with and with how much ammo. In certain situations, I wouldn't be opposed to allowing bots unlimited ammo.


Also, this has been on my wish list for some time; I'd still like player-friendly or at least neutral bots. The Emotional Attachments setting is useful but quite limited. Perhaps bot hostility could be expanded to use the light/dark side force flag (including human players)?


Lastly, the most frequently "spammed" Force powers by bots are: Force Lighting, Force Grip, and Mind Trick. ForceMod does seem to cut down on the amount of spamming, but these three are still the most common Force powers bots will use. My bots never seem to use "Force Heal" - no matter how I adjust their bot file. This was true to JK2 vanilla as well, so I don't think it's a ForceMod issue - maybe just a weakness in Raven's bot code?

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the ability to grab onto a ledge would help mercs reach higher places without utilities and would be an outstanding addition and counter against the push-whores.


imagine dueling with another jedi and then suddenly in the midst of the duel he throws you off the ledge - how great would it be to be able to grab the ledge on the way down and spring back up and kick his ass.


i've brought this up a lot but i really think it would a HUGE addition to the game. this would also solve some issues about jumping heigts. what are the prospects of this being added.

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How many are getting the join error, It said cannot switch teams within 5 seconds? I have to kick all the bots and restart and ad new bots. Are some maps not supported for botjetpack? I tryed the counsel map and the jetpack works for the bots but they never run out of fuel, the meter runs out (I checked this by spectating the bot) but they continue to fly, this does not happen on other maps for example, the temple map. And I do have f_botpackfuel set to 1 (burn while in air). Thanks again Darth_syrup for such a great mod.


On another note. Is any one running a server for this beta 2 Force mod? If so, please leave your Ip address or name and what time you are running it and from were. Thank you

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Looking through all these posts everyone has only really been talking about the jedivmerc part of the gameplay. Now I like it and everything, but I am sure there are going to be lots of normal FFA servers running this mod when it comes out, and the reason I am bringing this up is because alot of you are talking about giving saber throw the axe. Well I am really just wondering if that can stay seperate and only in merc mod while not compromising the normal FFA modes? Also, I relize that since this mod will most likely be on alot of norm FFA servers. Have you guys tried the dueling part yet to make sure there is no bugs there. Also one last thing. If you do make alot of changes because of mercmod can you keep them on that side without compromising normal FFA? Thanks for your time.



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Well, I found a small bug real quick when I tried to play without merc, I turned Merc off completely and in the Rules section set Dual Blasters to Enable for All, and it would say "Dual Blasters online" at the top but it wouldnt give me dual blasters, even if I wasnt using a lightsaber, more or less, it wouldnt let me switch to my gun after i went to my lightsaber either.

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1. The newest menus should fix that unsaved cvar stuff.


2. Thanks, Drain blocking was messed up. It should be fixed now.


3. Desann does what?


And what about the 4slot bot problem?

Also...i'll take a look at the dualguns thing.



1. You should be able to select from all merc classes now. I don't know what causes the join problem...i haven't experienced it. How would i reproduce it?


2. Yeah, the blades will have more options next round. And no little grey lines either, except for the grapple. :)

I'll look into that lightning improvement.

The tazer is the stunbaton, and the code for that is messed up too right now (i know b/c i just added an actual "stun" effect for it.)


darthmaul_541 - f_dualgunshow needs to be "1" to use dual blasters.

Also...i downloaded your picture of bugs from the other post.


Mace_Windu21 - got the other picture from the post.


KaiaSowapit - I made bots Pure Jedi/Gunners based on if they had custom hilts in the file, assuming a bot with a custom hilt was a ligthsaber pro. :)

I'll check out the bot attachment stuff once i get everything else up and running. The bots "spamming" problem will be adjustable in the next beta, and yeah....the code for where they use force powers is pretty arbitray. It's not very intelligent.


mariners2001 - ledge-grabbin is a possibility, i just put it on my v3 wishlist.


lionknight - Umm...i'll check out the botfuel thing. It's not map specific.


Azmier - The main thrust of this version is the expanded Jedi VS Merc mode, but you have an excellent point about regular FFA. It shouldn't be affected adversely, but needs to be tested as well.

when creating a ded... server the first person in the (jedi V merc) game picked the merc and after that it would let me switch to the jedi.



To All:

I'm working on it as i type this, and have gotten a number of the bugs you've mentioned above fixed.


I don't know when the next beta will be out, but it will be the final one before public release.

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Nice to know I'm bein noticed, and I'm pretty sure i've said it before, but just incase: Your MOD rules! Awesome Job, Your the best!

Firstly, Anyway you can put descriptions in the big blank blue space when your schoosing your merc specialty?

Secondly, can you put saber defence mode in instead of throw?(sorry, just its REALLY cool) adn then you could try blood riots idea of using defence and roll together to do cartwheels, so mercs could jedi while could do rolls OR cartwheels as the situation dictates.

Could you take a look at the SFX2 mod, because the sabers in that look really cool and I reckon you should have a look at em, if possible get them in this mod and it's got cool gun effects, and I really like the lightning in that, If you could check it out.

I'll go now before I start rambling to much but great job so far, can't wait to see what extra powers you put in, and you ridea for a force dodge would be cool, sorry rambling, Great work, BYE!

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Good suggestions,


I'll see if i can add the descriptions int there, that seems like a good place for now (they certainly need to be on there somewhere).


The cartwheel and roll idea is already on my to do list for later, though slightly different than what you've suggested.


I'll add the SFX sabers, if it's okay with them. (Where are they? i couldn't find the mod on jk2files or jediknightii.net)

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good lord! yes! i just tried the sfx mod! best mod I've ever seen next to forcemod!




do you think there is anyway you guys could combine your efforts. the sfx mod is unbelievable and the sabers look INCREDIBLE. like pnut_master said, the thermal detonator effect is a must. oh my goodness. please oh please add this to the final forcemod!

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It would be more of a permanent change, unlike many things about ForceMod.


Does that mean you're considering implementing it? That'd be awesome. I have to say the three things I like most about SFX mod is:

1) Sabers: The graphics of the new sabers are incredible and with TCK it really would be mind-blowing, IMO. I also like the idle saber position too and how it doesn't change. Very nice. The combat seems improved too as the saber swings are a bit slower as is the combat in general.

2) Thermal Detonator: Ok. This is definitely how I pictured them to be in the first place. This is very reminiscent of TPM game. Would you consider adding this if nothing else? It is really a great sight as well.

3) Lightning effect: I love how it knocks you over and sends you flying (aka AOTC). Also, I like how if (and only if) you have the other player in the crosshair that you can block the lightning.

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okay, sorry about that, just its been deleting my posts all night.

Okay, i got this idea okay, why not remove stun baton as mercs weapon and instead have some halfarsed punch animation in first person, and use the punch emote whenever you attack, therefore mercs could punch without holdin some stinky stun baton.

Also I figured If you played half of the cartwheel animation in reverse (if this is possible, as technically your stickin anythin new in) it could come out as a kick as a front kick, then if you combine this with saber defence idea you could give jedi a kick to(just attack while holding saber defence down, or while holding walk or crouch or soimethin). It could do a bit of knockback and say 5 or so damage, after all its just a kick, shields negate it to. This'd be nice i reckon, and would be much better then gay old stun baton, finally, how about using the head of the stun baton(the 'prongs') as a 'hook' on the end of the grappling cable? Also you could a\lways use the walk key to activate saber defence if you wanna keep throw in.


One last thing, can you make missile launcher completely blow poeple up, i.e all their pieces which can be dismemebered fly everywhere? Thatd be brilliat and make more sense, after all they just got hit by a large explosive.


For the two (three if you ditch saber throw) new force powers you mentioned earlier, here my ideas:


1.LIGHTSIDE POWER:Force projection( you know the halucination grenades from team fortress? if not then just look at thre description) which basically means puttin all these extra explosions in the players screen and random projectiles flyin around, maybe a few fak eplayer models spawn and start atacking(obviously they cant hurt the person) and only the affected person can see them.

So as you get it to higher levels and more stuff is generated for the person effected (and them only) I know this would probably be laggy but it'd be good and confuse the enemy, especially if it created 'clones' of the person using the power.


2.DARKSIDE POWER: Wasnt really sure, but I thought a return of destruction would be brilliant! It'd use up all force and not have a huge explosion, but rather be a beam about a metre wide that engulfed everythin in a straight line for about 5m, Doin quite a bit of damage and mayeb drainin force but not givin any to the user.

Or it could slow the target for a while or knock them down.


3.NEUTRAL POWER(if saber throw is chucked) Your idea for a force dodge kinda power, ,maybe force forsight, which ups saber offence and defence(u can see whats about to happen and anticipate it) and give the jedi a basic dodge chance of i dunno, say 5-10 times their forsight level. How about that? I reckon their alright?


By the way the new dark and light powers would be the best of their sides, their fore they would cost more then anything else, and maybe have a prerequisite force level to use, just a thought.


These are some of the ideas i came up with and sorry for the long post, I just when i start ramblin i really cant stop! BYE!

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