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What clubs, etc. y'all in?


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For those of you still in school (or, hell, even those not in school)--what clubs, etc. are you in? Include sports if you want. I'm in FBLA, Youth and Government, and "World" Language Club. World Language Club used to be called Foreign Language Club, but they just had to go politically correct. In FBLA, I qualified for the state competition, too. :)

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sports (not related to school, but it was league based):


-competitive hockey

-competitive soccer

-competitive baseball

-competitive swimming


high school related:


-web designer for school

(ever since i graduated its some little kid who remade it... and well. its damn ugly now :p)




I'm going to take a photography advancement classe during the summer with 9 other students.

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Football for a few years at wideout. Then I got into fencing. That about does it on the sports front.


As far as clubs, I was VP of Model Congress, French and random trivia specialist for Academic League, TV swingman, VICA (Vocational and Industrial Clubs of America) treasurer, National Honors Society member, Foreign Language Honors Society member (French), Social Stuides National Honors Society member and sometime writer for the newspaper.

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TSA- Technology club where you get to have photoshop contests and such :)


Winter Track and soon Spring Track - I just started playing sports this year, sure I've been in decent shape the past few years, I just never felt like being on a team.


Spanish Club- We had three meetings, whoah...


CARE- Basically community service stuff, I need it for confirmation ;)


Science League- I have Biology this year (freshman year!). Since i'm really interested in biology I decided to do this.. (You get an extra credit point towards your marking period grade each time you make the cutoff for the competition.)


Ya that's all I can remember right now O-o

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