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do you think MydnightPsion's sig is too long?  

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  1. 1. do you think MydnightPsion's sig is too long?

    • yes, i hate that song or its just too long
    • yes, its too long please make it shorter.

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Harsh...really bloody harsh. If you think its too long, change the max height in your bleedin user CP. I'm not changing it because your all wiggin out and not doin nothin but harassin me about it. Keep it up, and I'll get ban because my ass'll make it longer. All because people are too damn lazy to change something on their user CPs...fair. Real bleedin fair.


Edit: Read the bleedin sig and put it to all this crap everyone's tryin to pull on me. And add another option to that poll that says 'I could give a damn less'

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Originally posted by XERXES

i got fussed at for having an extreemly long sig the first week we were able to have sigs...*squint*


people also didnt have the choice to limit the sizes that they allow on their screen, did they? I'm just askin that everyone who dont like it, lower their sig size. Make it less of a fuss over something as stupid as someone's sig

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1) It's not so bad for me running at 1280x1024, but for someone browsing at 800x600, you're being a real Grade-A a**hole.


2) Let's get another thing straight, boys: This is a dictatorship, *not* a democracy. If the mods tell you to change your sig, you shut your month and change your sig.


Welcome to the internet, kids.

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