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Spam (The "Food")


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It's 2:00 AM here, and I'm pretty hungry... And the combination of tired and hungry make my brain do weird things.


So after all this talk of electronic spam, I though I'd ask the questions we all wanted asked.




Who here eats spam?

What do they eat with spam?

When do they eat spam?

Where do they eat spam?

Why do they eat spam?


Seriously! I've heard horror stories about the former-army-ration goodness that is SPAM. I've never had it before... Though I did make a chia-pet out of a block of it once.

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Hey I have an idea!!! Since spam of forums is considered bad, maybe they got the name for that because the FOOD spam is so bad. And then... What? You want me to shut up now? Ok :(


*leaves with head down*

































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I love spam, the menu at my house always contains spam, usually mostly at breakfast.


we have:


spam eggs sossage and spam

sossage eggs and spam

spam spam sossage eggs and spam

backon eggs spam spam and spam

spam backon eggs soggage and spam

spam spam spam spam sossage spam spam and spam

sossage spam eggs spam backon and spam



I ussually take spam spam spam sossage spam spam and spam:D


I love spam.


my brother hates spam though. he's always trying to get my mom to give him somthing without spam.


like spam eggs sossage and spam, whithout the spam. But it wouldnt be called spam eggs sossage and spam then would it.


so reluctantly he eats the spam.


spam spam spam spam, spam spam spam spam, spamidy spam, spamidy spam... that's ussually about the time I get wacked upside the head.


good old spam........
















I'm kidding, that was the whole monty pithon action there for ya. I realy have never tried spam, and it looks like dog food. I might someday though just so I can say I did and then make fun of evryone who likes it.


unless I like it...................naw.


It'll probably give me heart burn.

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