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See you soon...

DC | Dark Luke

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My time has come, my time to leave the forums.


Im very sorry, sorry becouse i have been here for a very short time and i couldnt get to know all of you better.


Sorry for wasting Rogue`s time, and sorry for asking stupid english/grammar questions:D


Well, i was very pleased to meet you all, you give me a warm welcome when i arrived, so i appreciate that.


The only reason i have to leave this place is becouse i found a better one, a JK2 forum of my own country...and with it´s own server!!:D I won`t be called "laggy" again:p


Bue i will come to visit u once in a while, becouse u showed me that there are no obstacles such us distance to make friends and know nice peple.


To Rogue Nine: don`t worry, "I will become a Jedi, I promise";) Thanx for your time.:)


To all of u: See u soon:)


[align=right]Honestly, Dark Luke.[/align]

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im subscribed to 4 forums!!!! 1 i dont care about, 1 star wars(this one) 1 dark spire 2 zelda, i dont care about 1 of the zelda forums, i only have like 5 posts.......


this is a great forum, in fact its my 1st and the main forum i visit..... well if u have to go, then go dude.



i bet you will come back!!!!!!!!! the curiosity will kill you, and i know u will want to check this thread.:D





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Originally posted by Darth Groovy

You DO know that according to the guys on irc jediknight channel i am a Mexican right? :p



lol :rofl: I've seen your picture and you don't look hispanic at all lol. They must be on crack over there.


Anyway's sorry to see you go DC. You were a good guy here and never did anything wrong. Hope you have fun at your other forum man and that you still come back. You know that we know how to throw a party and have fun so I know you'll be back. Take care



And Lucasforums will be with you always!



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