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what's in your wallet?


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  • 2 weeks later...

Ped! You should have just asked me to merge them. :D



Lesseee again..



14 bucks

1 paper clip

2 doritos Star Wars prize cards

2 Daredevil ticket stubs (1 and 3 :))

1 Two Towers ticket

1 Magnet from my brothers company

1 used Target gift card

1 half way used phone card I found

1 License

1 Et video card

1 Free taco card from Taco Johns :D

1/400th of a cow

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- Some credits cards,

- my ATM card,

- college id,

- blockbuster card,

- some pics of my fiancee,

- my diver license,

- my engineer license,

- driver license,

- a couple of Jackson's, five Washington's and one Lincoln's,

- a spring PCS card,

- social security card

- and finally my life insurance card


that's all. lol

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okay let's see:


-interact card

-credit card

-my driver's licence

-my health card

-bus tickets

-expired bus passes

-scribbled list of phone numbers (allways usefull when i meet new people)

-student card

-calling card

-my older brother's driver licence (to go to bars in the states)

-4 business cards

-video store card


-40$ in bills

-old reciets

-hockey game tickets (Ottawa Senators)




I need a new wallet. its falling to pieces.


Its strange, i was thinking of making a thread with this as topic yesterday but never got to it.

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A bunch of toothpicks I stole from a restauraunt... a box of them... seriously ^-^

Hmm... some Star Wars Insider Membership cards (1998, 2000, 2003)

....2 bucks :(

Wal mart Receits

60 cents

Drawing... *cough*

Oh, and old condoms :p...... I wish :p

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bout 45 dollars in cash, ASU student ID, phone card, drivers license, NORBA license (national off road bike assocaion) its for XC bike racing, a few appointment notes, picture of gf, sister, dog, old cat, check card with more money on it than i am willing to say.

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Originally posted by {BK}SupremePain

um.... school and rifles... yes i see the cennection! lol just kidding

you go to the sport right? ( i hope):D


That's the Rifle tag to my M-1 Garand that I use at school for JROTC. It's demalatarized so it can't hurt anyone unless I give them the rifle butt ;)



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