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What a shame


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The swamp is really going downhill. Look in one week I have already put 3 people on my ignore list.


Luc Solar

JM Qui-Gon Jinn

Shape up people. This is supposed to be a place where nobody is on your ignore list and you gotta tell people sry but I had to take you off my buddy list so I can put so and so, still friends right? kinda thing. Let's try harder at making this Yoda's Swamp. Not Yoda's backyard uncensered.....(gotta send that idea to fox news)

But really, Come on people we can do this.

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Originally posted by TheHobGoblin

JM Qui-Gon Jinn


Oh, gee, thanks. :mad:


If you choose to ignore those who disagree with you, then all I have to say is :rolleyes:




BTW, I've never thought of "rhino" as an insult. And that was kind of the point. I never meant to insult anyone, and if I did, I'm sorry. So I guess that case is out of the world now.


Another BTW: Why does Luc Solar stand on your IL? He has always acted mature and fairly calm. I just don't understand why you complain just because people don't have the same views as you.


A third BTW: TheHobGoblin called me a sick, tormented fool. So why is he complaining?

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