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I am also new.

Komari Vosa XII

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*gives Komari Vosa XII a Welcome Martini*


Don't drink it all in one place!


(Though I usually do)



Man, with all these Welcome Martinis I have been giving out this week, my still is going dry!



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Originally posted by Reborn Outcast

Hiyo!!! Welcome to the forums... I am currently available for dating. ;)



:rofl: sorry reborn but i guess you didnt see this part...


I'm English, in case you have not twigged. I heard about LucasForums from my boyfriend (who should be around here somewhere... his name is Austin Powers 9, and is also relatively new to here), and he told me that everyone was quite friendly! I hope he is right... whoopdeedoo!!!
:p sorry for the news bro:(
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Originally posted by JM Qui-Gon Jinn

Welcome. Not really much to say that hasn't been said already, except: Do not touch obi-wan13's Welcome Martini. You have been warned.


Well, if you like your kidneys, do not touch the martini.



:D :D :D

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Wow, isn't this the liveliest...livliest....lieveleeyest.....most exciting thread ever?


WELCOME Askerfaidjan Voss Kloskon (Doesn't remember your long a freekin name and cannot be bothered to look it up)


I hope you enjoy your stay here, and i'll warn you, the more you post, the harder it is to leave.........RUN!!!!!RUN NOW!!!!! BEFORE THEY GET YOU!!!!!! YOU'LL NEVER ESCAPE!!!!!!!!




















Ummmm........whu? Where am I?

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Originally posted by Captain wing

Hello there, glad to see someone who can use proper grammer.


Shame that you minced up that comment by misspelling grammar....




Camira No

Camaro Nope!

Calamari Damn........

Camera Geez....


Komari, welcome to the Swamp, and here are your complimentary tickets to all of my lovely Official Swamp Theme Parks.

Ride the infamous Trollercoaster, Spam-U-Lot 4000, see the Foppish Room of Smoke and Mirrors, play Whack-A-Mod and visit the new HeXX the LeXX attraction, what actually is in it, I don't know - Secret Women's Business.......



We aren't that bad, just that none of us have a "SANE" stamp on our hands....

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Hey! Reborn Outcast, stay away from my baby, man! Come on, she even mentioned me in her opening post, dammit! It's squares like you who scare people away!


Yeah, baby, some groovy welcomes there!!! I can't get over what a swinging place this really is... smashing, baby, yeah!


Just a tick... guys talking about giving women 'special treatment'? Boba Rhett, I am shocked, man! Is everyone in here out to get my switched-on bird? Well, really! Come on, who takes advantage of new users!?!

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Oh cheerios, matey! Or something....:p



It's all a spot of fun, you of all people should see that :p


It's the internet, he can't reach through the moniter and pull out your babe :D



*sits back in special chair beside gin still*

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