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Pictures of US and U.K. Soldiers


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i give credit originally to TriShield from another message board for this post and i felt that i should honor our troops by showing it to you guys as well.(I cannot break rule # 1 of the other message board so dont ask where)



A Roman Catholic chaplain gives the holy blessing to U.S. Marines in a desert base in northern Kuwait, after what may be the last mass the men will hear before they go into combat.



US troops and airmen rest in a bunker at Camp Udairi in northern Kuwait during a Nuclear, Biological, Chemical (NBC) drill.



A column of US Army Bradley armor vehicles from the 3rd Infantry Division roll at dawn in the northern Kuwait desert as the massive US military force moves to a striking distance to Iraq.





Soldiers uncover a consignment of bombs under the wing of a U.S. B-52 bomber at RAF Fairford in Gloucestershire, Britain, March 19, 2003.



A military vehicle passes road signs set up by British troops in Kuwait that read 'Old Kent Rd.' and 'Chelsea Bridge,' a few miles south of the Iraqi border.



U.S. Marine HUMMERS with the 15th Marine Expeditionary Unit, drive across the desert in Kuwait, near the Iraqi border in preparation for war.



U.S. Marines are given ammunition as a desert storm dies down in northern Kuwait, close to Iraqi border.



Streaks of dust and sand kicked up by strong winds, can be seen streaking across Kuwait, southern Iraq and the Gulf in this March 19, 2003 satellite image. A fierce sandstorm in parts of the Kuwaiti desert briefly cut visibility to a few yards on Wednesday, but a U.S. commander said the dust would not disrupt plans for an imminent invasion of Iraq. In other parts of the assembly zones for tens of thousands of U.S. and British military personnel, Reuters correspondents said visibility was about 200 yards. Three hundred 300 miles to the northwest, Baghdad was also shrouded in dust.



A U.S. Marine with the 15th Marine Expeditionary Unit takes position in the Kuwait desert near the Iraqi border.

(this is the first of about 5 posts, please let me finish all the posts before you begin posting, thanks)

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An officer from the Royal Air Force waits in a decontamination chamber in a collective protection shelter (COLPRO) as they it up in their base in Kuwait as part of the defense against a chemical attack. A COLPRO enables men working in an area contaminated by a chemical or biological attack to drink, eat and rest without risk of contanmination to themselves.



Two Kuwaiti National Guard soldiers man a 50mm machine gun on top of a vehicle near the Ministry of Information and the television station, background, in the center of Kuwait City Wednesday. The country's armed forces have taken strategic positions in the city, tightening security in preparation for a war with neighboring Iraq.



U.S. Marines in combat gear take position during a last minute exercise in the desert in northern Kuwait near the border with Iraq.



British soldiers of the 1st Batallion The Parachute Regiment pass a cartoon on a board outside the guard post at their camp Eagle 2, during their morning physical workout in the Kuwait desert, March 19, 2003.



U.S. soldiers with the 187th Infantry Regiment 101 Airborne Division operate in a heavy sandstorm greatly reducing visibility near camp New Jersey, Kuwait.





.S. Marine Cpl. Brian Shumylo of Dyer, Ind., shields his face from blowing sand around the landing pad at an air base in Kuwait after arriving by helicopter from a ship. Shumylo is in a unit that helps load heavy-lifting helicopters. The arabic word on his facemask translates to Shymylo.



British Harrier G7s taxi in their base in Kuwait.



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British soldiers of the Royal Fusiliers, or Desert Rats, at their base in Kuwait.





U.S. Marine Pvt. 1st Class Ivan Trevino, of McAllen, Texas, keeps an eye on a group of helicopters, including a CH-53E Sea Stallion, taxiing in to refuel.



British tanks of the Royal Fusiliers, or Desert Rats, are seen during an exercise near their base in Kuwait.



U.S. Marines in combat gear take position during a last minute exercise in the desert in northern Kuwait near the border with Iraq. [/b]



U.S. Marines pack the Stars and Stripes flag in their desert base in Kuwait while preparing for a possible attack on Iraq.



Troops from the Army's A Company 3rd Battalion 7th Infantry Regiment tear down their camp in the desert of western Kuwait.



A line up of brothers in the British 2nd Royal Tank Regiment Battle Group, pose on the Iraq -Kuwait border, Tuesday, March 18, 2003. From left front row, Sgt Jim Liddy, 32, and brother Sgt Jason Liddy from Sunderland, LCpl Mark Stesil, 22 and Iain from Doncaster, Lance Cpl. John Saxby, 23, and brother Sgt Karl, 32 from Hull, Sgt Richard Elson and brother Sgt Maj Jeff Elson, 35, from Cornwall, Cpt Simon Ridgway, 26, and Cpt Nick, 25, from Devon, Pvt Dale Kendrick, 20, and Tpr Alex, 19, from Plymouth, TprMark Layer, 22, and Pvt Gareth, 21, from Cornwall, Pvt Whiting, 18, from Darlington (brother Darren in hospital) Cpl Dave Dymock 22, (brother Mick, 23, in hospital).



British Scimitar light armoured vehicles from the Queen's Dragoon Guards take up positions in the northern Kuwaiti desert.



British soldiers of A company, 1st Battalion Light Infantry battle group, practice trench clearance near the Iraq-Kuwait border.

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Ammunition is distributed and loaded on to Land Rovers by British soldiers of the 1st Battalion The Parachute Regiment at their camp Eagle 2 in the Kuwait desert.



A soldier from the Queen's Dragoon Guards 3 Commando takes up positions in northern Kuwait.





The camp mess tent doubles as a chapel as members of Fleet Hospital Three gather for church services at Camp Luzon in Kuwait.



British soldiers of the Irish Guards regiment march with shamrocks in their berets to celebrate St. Patrick's Day Monday at Camp Coyote in Kuwait.





U.S. Marines with the 15th Marine Expeditionary Unit, in the Kuwait desert, near the Iraqi border.



A convoy of U.N. personnel enters Kuwait City on Monday, March 17, 2003, after receiving orders to abandon the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) at the border between Kuwait and Iraq.



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Soldiers of the 'Widowmakers,' 3/502nd Infantry Battalion of the 101st Airborne Division, stir up the desert sand as they listen to a rallying speech by V Corps commander, Lt Gen. William Wallace at Camp New York in the Kuwait desert.





U.S. tanks from the 2nd Battalion, 70 Armor attached to 3rd Brigade Combat team, part of the 3rd Infantry Division, fire at a practice range prior to tactical training in northern Kuwait.



British Challenger II battle tanks move through the desert to their positions in preparation for war.





Soldiers of the British Military Queens Dragoon Guards 3 Commando go through bayonet drill in northern Kuwait.



U.S. A-10 aircraft on an air base in Kuwait are ready to rock and roll.



A British soldier from 29 Commando Regiment Royal Artillery holds his Cross as it is blessed by the Regimental Padre following a field prayer service in the Kuwait desert near Iraq.



Pfc. Harrison Grimes holds his Bible during a prayer service for soldiers in the desert of northern Kuwait near the Iraqi border.



Peter John Kruze, a U.S. marine from Chicago, holds his rifle as he waits to be baptized after a Sunday service in a base in northern Kuwait, near the Iraqi border.

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Lt. Jeff McFarland helps Spc. Chad Prindle line up a put on the 3rd hole of an improvised golf course at a temporary camp in the desert of western Kuwait.



U.S. marines listen to a chaplain during a service in a base in northern Kuwait.



Soldiers from the U.S. Army A Company 3rd Battalion 7th Infantry play chess to pass the time while in the desert of western Kuwait.



A U.S. Marine with the 15th Marine Expeditionary Unit prays in the desert.



U.S. Marines pray in their last mass before war with Iraq.





A US Navy AV-8B Harrier jet hovers over another jet before landing after a dawn flight aboard the USS Bonhomme Richard amphibious assault ship.





Private Joshua Slotnick from Seattle, Washington, carries his weapon from a Jewish service at Camp New York in Kuwait.



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Fijian British Army soldiers sing at a service held in the cookhouse of the 2 Close Support Regiment of the Royal Logistic Corps, at Camp Coyote. The Fijians are Christians serving with the British Army.



With gasmask and a fixed bayonet, British soldier Kenny Petrie, from Keith, Scotland, is ready to fight in NBC conditions.





A U.S. Army soldier from the A Company 3rd Battalion 7th Infantry is ready for urban warfare in Baghdad.



U.S. Abrams tanks move through the Kuwaiti desert towards the Iraqi border.



A U.S. Army HUMMER escorts a convoy of supplies and ammunition as it travels north out of Kuwait City.



Members of British 23 Engineer regiment air assault get ready for dispatch riding on the Kuwait-Iraq border.





British Royal Marine snipers from 42 Commando M Company Corporal Richie Mockler (L) and Lance Corporal Nick Young test fire a Barrett sniper rifle from their position near the Iraqi border.



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A US Army infantry soldier carries two boxes of water bottles on his shoulders as he walks across the desert.





British troops gather for a briefing by US Lieutenant General Jeff Conway Commanding General 1st Marine Expeditionary Force in the Kuwait desert.















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A U.S. Marine covers his ears as anti-tank weapon is fired from atop an armored vehicle, in northern Kuwait near the border with Iraq.



A British army hand out photograph released on March 13, 2003 shows soldiers serving with B Company 1st Battalion The Royal Irish Regiment silhouetted against a blue desert sky.





U.S. army infantry soldiers ready for action in northern Kuwait.



A U.S. Army sargeant, with a 'pride' tattoo on his back.





British infantry soldiers from the 1st Battalion Regiment of Fusiliers fight their way to protective trenches during an exercise.







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U.S. Army specialist Kenneth Christensen, from Santa Maria, California, practices Keichu Du, a martial art, as the sun sets in the desert.



A British Army Challenger tank of the Queen's Royal Lancers kicks up sand while roaming the north Kuwait desert.

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Thanks, XERXES. First thread I've seen by you (well, the Monty Python one was good :D ) That I have really enjoyed. This'll keep me busy.


*** I especially enjoyed the MOPP marines and those "dirtbike" things flying over a dune. I need to show that to a friend of mine, cause I've got the GI JOE thing of that and he doesn't belive me US and UK use them...

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Originally posted by Katarn07

Thanks, XERXES. First thread I've seen by you (well, the Monty Python one was good :D ) That I have really enjoyed. This'll keep me busy.

the one like this "SHE TURNED ME INTO A NEWT!!" *looks around* "I've got better!" that one?? IT GOT LOCKED =\
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Originally posted by XERXES

(I cannot break rule # 1 of the other message board so dont ask where)



fight club?!?




sorry couldn't resist that :D




great pics, i like the pic of the rocket launcher or whatever it is that says "you lose"

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no offense, but why would we stick that? Its pictures. Many threads about pictures have been posted once before.


i enjoy the artistic version of the photos and i wonder who the photographer really is. he should at LEAST get credits. The only beef i have with the pictures are that they are against my political views, but that doesnt stand in the way of visual arts for me.

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Yep, I must say they're pretty much screwed over, no matter how you look at it. And I liked the one that has the tank with "You Lose" on it. :D


And looking 5 pictures above it, with all the British troops...damn!!!


That's a lot of troops. I knew they had a bit but hearing numbers is nothing next to seeing them.

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These times are no doubt testing the courage of our troops, and they are passing the test by volunterring themselves to fight for our country.


I tip my hat to the men and women overseas, and wish them the best of luck.

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