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Looking for a Car

Boba Rhett

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My Swampies, I am in need of your assistance. I'm trying to find the right car for me and I was hoping some of you could help guide me down the correct path. I've been thinking of something along the lines of these:


64 Impala SS





65 Mustang





Late 50s/early 60s Bel Air





Or maybe a 64 Galaxy (See the attachment with my pimpin' elf)



Don't ask me why, I just like these styles. Now here are some questions,


1. I'm nearly six and a half feet tall, am I going to be able to fit into any of these cars?


2. Breaking down. Do I not have a clue what I'm getting myself into as far as repairs go? Is it going to be hell?


3. Insurance. Some of these come with awfully big engines. Am I going to have a super high insurance rate? I heard it wasn't as big of a problem on older cars.


4. If not any of these cars, what should I get?

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I do like the Stang Rhett, though I don't know if you will be able to fit in it. I know you could fit in an Impala [my neighbor used to have one and he is a big guy like yourself].


If you are going to get a car of that era then I think you should be expecting to put some time in with a wrench. Though of course, it depends on how good it is when you buy it. If I were you, I would be expecting to do some work.......those are 35 year old cars, they will need some help. One of the first things you should add would be seat-belts if you can. Seems like most of those cars never had them.


Insurance shouldn't be too much of a problem, even with the large engines that some of these cars carry. The only thing you should worry about is if you have poor driving record now.


The Bel-Air is kind of a nice looking ride, I haven't seen too many of those before......seems like everyone has a Stang or an Impala. If you want something different, go for the Bel-Air. :)

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of those 3 the mustang


but ANY car that old is gonna have reliability problems


lexx ur car is very good looking and nice ... but the 147 is sexier both a bit pricey


i would say to u rhett that u should get a mini (cos im like that) but someone as big as u might not like it (altho i know people who are as big as u and quite happily drive minis) thats proper 1's not that german crap


but my general advice is get something different .... be brave





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Then we can call you mustang sally! …. not that we would, but at least the opportunity is there if the occasion arises where calling you mustang sally would somehow maybe be considered humorous



er... is someone going to answer that phone?

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