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WIP: New Yoda... Assistance Requested


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Originally posted by KaiaSowapit

Yeah, one of these days I'll pester Corto into finishing the rigging... then it's a matter of pestering the genius minds of Azymn & Wudan to build a custom scaling mod specifically for him.




When you do it, make SURE THE DAMN JA ANIMATIONS WORK PROPERLY. I'm getting sick and tired of all the so-called JA compatible models getting released without actual full JA support. I refrain from naming names.

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I'm on possesion of Kaia's Yoda, and I was in charge of rigging it. Some technical incapacities with the engine, like scaling the model in different axis independently prevented me to finish the job.

I'll be resuming the rigging tonight, so stay put. You may have not revived this thread in vane.

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-I know I can help you to get him right

-my skinning skills are now really advanced

-I work with Photoshop CS for skinning models

-I can give you clear sounds for the Yoda model from the movies

-I have a large resource of Star Wars DVD, games, music, a large voice character library, many voice enhancers ... ect


so...please I can give Yoda justice if i can help you with him

I spoke to KaiaSowapit when he was working on it before

I was in the role to give him voice sounds I hope i still can


I can also help you with the skinning

I can check out his ingame workings as well






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RJW would do great things for the Yoda model, he has been working with many prequal Jedi lately and they are just remarkable. Also if you all need some taunts and stuff, ive got a guy on my movie team that does a great Yoda voice.

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