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Quick And Easy


Game Demos #1

Game Demos #2



ScummVM Windows Daily Build

Residual Windows Snapshot

ScummEx Windows Snapshot

Scumm Revisited 2

Scumm Revisited 3

Scumm Revisited 5

Scumm Revisited Annotations

Costume Ripper


Charlie (Character set Viewer)

EMI Model Viewer

EMI Resource Viewer

Index File Reader

Resource File Creator-Dumper

EMI Background Viewer

Scumm 16

CMI/Grim Fandango Debug Patches

ScummFont (font to bmp & bmp to font converter, for old <4v charsets only I think)

ScummRP (Dumps/Replaces blocks in SCUMM resource files)

ScummTr a tool to translate ingame text in SCUMM games

MM_View (A viewer for Zak McKracken and Maniac Mansion Pictures)

SAN Player (Plays the SMUSH animations from The Dig and Full Throttle)

VIMA Compressor

EMI Song Ripper



EMI Meshes, Skeletons and Animations

The inComplete SCUMM Reference Guide

AKOS Specs

LAF specs

EMI Tile Specs



How to enable debug mode in the original SCUMM interpreters

Secrets Of The MI2 Demo Revealed


How to use

AkosView - (Nolan Check nolancheck@hotmail.com)

Akos' are found in Full Throttle, The Dig and CMI. They are 'Actor Costumes' - in other words they contain character animations (and sometimes other bits of animated scenery).

[*]Open a game resource file in Scumm Revisited

[*]Expand one of the LFLF blocks eg. 'LFLF - Puerto Pollo'

[*]Scroll down and you will see some akos' denoted by a purple dress icon. You will find akos' inside most LFLF's in ScummRev.

[*]Select one of the Akos' and click 'file dump'.

[*]Save it with the filename AKOS

[*]Place the 'AKOS' file in your Akosview folder or wherever AkosView.exe is.

[*]Run AkosView.exe, it should load and display the Akos.

[*]Press the left and right arrow keys to scroll through the individual animation cels, move a cel about on the screen by using the arrow keys on the numpad, press F1 to save a cel to disk.


Costume Ripper - (TheDeath xaviergonz@hotmail.com)

'Costumes' are found in Scumm games prior to Full Throttle, they are essentially character animations.

[*]Unzip costume ripper, it creates three folders, DOS, DXWIN and DXFULL, inside each of these is a different version of Costume Ripper - Dos, DirectX Windowed and DirectX Fullscreen.

[*]The DirectX versions have never worked properly for me so I use the dos version.

[*]Drag and drop a resource file onto the dos costrip.exe to load it or run it from a command prompt


c:\blah\costrip.exe d:\monkey1\monkey1.001

[*]Press pageup/pagedown to scroll through costumes

Press left/right to scroll through individual animation cels

Press up/down to scroll through the 'cel tables'

Press F10 to save a single animation cel

Press F11 to save a cel table

Press F12 to save a complete costume

Images are saved either in the same folder as costrip or the resource file or in documents and settings.

E.g. on my (windows xp) system, images are saved in c:\documents and settings\Ben as .pcx files.


Scumm Revisited - (Jimmi Thøgersen (Serge) email defunct)

Usage of this should be self-explanatory really, there is a help file included with ScummRev2 and online here The ScummRev website has been down since the last Mojo downtime, you can access it here though through the internet archive.


Which version of ScummRev should I use?

It depends on what you need to do. For most purposes you can just use ScummRev2, versions 3 and 5 are unfinished and missing many features that are present in 2. For some things though, you will want to use 3 or 5. Both 3 and 5 dont 'lock' a resource file when opening it, so you can use it for debugging purposes while using the file in another program. 3 can open EMI .m4b bundles, view some AKOS' and view more of Grim Fandango's blocks like .bm images. 5 can do many of the things that 3 can but it can also open *some* .lfl files, have multiple files open at the same time, and best of all view and save SMUSH movie's (eg Grim Fandango and CMI cutscenes).


All versions are 2K/XP compatible, with ScummRev 3 though, you may get an access violation error when you open a file. To fix this use the fixed annotations

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And don't forget my little EMI Resource Viewer :)

The site: http://gamefileformats.netfirms.com/

And the direct link: http://gamefileformats.the-underdogs.org/files/emi-viewer-2.6.zip


Note: The site hasn't been updated - and won't - for almost 1 1/2 years and looks real terrible. A new site is already in the making, so stay tuned.



PS: This was some blatant self-advertisement :)

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Originally posted by Scummbuddy

even if you cant do anything with them unless you have the other files, or are the updated exes self contained?


If you mean the Exe files that were made for the "new" Windows editions of the games, it probably would be illegal, as the Exe files themselves are copyrighted by LucasArts and you would infringe that by making the Exe files available for download.

Also, LucasArts wants you (the player) to buy the new versions instead of just downloading a bunch of files for free :)

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Originally posted by Murray the Chao

It probably DOES change the facts, but it doesn't really matter because of ScummVM.


It doesn't matter if LucasArts released the new versions in the US or not. LucasArts still holds the copyright and distributing their files is illegal unless you have their permission.

But as you said, it's pretty pointless as there's ScummVM.

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I dont have any links, and I cant upload the programs because I dont have em. If someone wants to send them to me then i'll put them on my webspace.


If Drigo Zoxx still has his stuff and wants his account back though, i'm sure it can be arranged. I seem to remember Jake offering to do it a while ago, I'm not sure what happened.

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Originally posted by bgbennyboy

If Drigo Zoxx still has his stuff and wants his account back though, i'm sure it can be arranged. I seem to remember Jake offering to do it a while ago, I'm not sure what happened.


Oh, I just sent him a PM a while back, but I got no reply from him. I believe it was some problem with the Mojo PM thing, I'm not sure. Besides, is Jake actually in charge for accounts and such, or should I ask someone else?


Hi, Lord Savage! :)

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