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Of the First 3 movies, Which was your Fav?


Which Of the 1st 3 movies is your favorite?  

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  1. 1. Which Of the 1st 3 movies is your favorite?

    • Star Wars: A New Hope
    • Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back
    • Star Wars: Return of the Jedi

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well these kinda threads have been done before... but ill play along :p


first of all... i think as a real star wars fan you shouldnt choose.... would you choose favorites among your childeren? :D:p


if i have to chose. Return of the jedi.

because of the space battle and the duel.

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Originally posted by swgbking

ANH is pretty good, I never really like ESB muc though


I can tell you what will win. ESB. ANH will only have one vote, by me, and RotJ will trail ESB by a few votes... I too, love them all, but ANH has that nostalgia, even though I saw ESB a month later... :D

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Can't choose at all. My favourite out of the original 3 films changes periodically, depending on which one I'm in the mood to watch. ANH is more of an introductory story, ESB being the funniest and a good link between the beginning and end, and ROTJ the most action packed and climactic.


I don't see them as seperate films. Just one big one that takes a whopping 9 hours to watch:xp:hehe

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ROTJ, the SE would have been better if GL would have included the B-wing scenes. but i like the other two almost as equally as ROTJ.


ESB has by far the best story. and of course the Imperial March!


and ANH was a very good introductory film! a really love the whole Mos Eisely part.:D

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Return of the Jedi is my favorite, but that doesn't say much since I love them all.


Return of The Jedi is basically my favorite because of the Luke and Vader duel. It is one of the most emotional scenes out of all of the Star Wars films, and the saber fighting is just awesome. It is my favorite saber fight by far. The OT duels went by too fast IMO.


Also, the Battle of Endor was flat out fantastic. I'm truly amazed Lucas was able to pull off something so dificult back then.

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