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Favourite website?


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What's your favourite website and why (apart from LucasForums of course)?


Mine is http://www.play.com .


It's such a great site, easy to navigate, always has great deals and best of all free p&p. I've never had any trouble with refunds etc and I like the fact I always get my DVD's and games delivered the day they are released.

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No, seriously, it is. It is one of the few I visit regularly. Others I visit maybe once a week.


Reason. You guys are great, although topics suck lately. Thanks for posting something new. ;)


*** Oh, apart from here?


Lucasarts.com, Rebelscum.com, Brianstoys.com, Thetoycellar.com, eBay.com... That's all I visit regularly as well.

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What places other than LF? Hmmm...




Official Unreal2 Forums

BeyondUnreal.com Forums

Runegame.com Forums

DF2E Forums (recently)




http://www.ve3d.com - nice summary of daily gaming news

http://www.pczone.co.uk - for more gaming news & screenies

http://www.gameplay.co.uk - for all my gaming needs

http://www.amazon.co.uk - for all my book needs

http://www.blackstar.co.uk - for some of my DVD needs

http://www.dvdplus.co.uk - for more DVDs at low prices

http://www.pcworld.co.uk - for the odd knock-down gaming deal


There are quite a few others...but those are the ones I frequent the most.

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