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My name on here is Philosopher, and in the game I will be Arete Logos, a human pistoleer. I plan to start on Mos Eisley but will spend most of my time on Corellia once the =A= city gets off the ground. I'm ready to do anything needed for the PA, and hope to help out the other members instead of just hunting on my own. This seems like a great PA!



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Just a recap...


I am Sunshine Badass here and I apparently am SunshineBadass on the official site... that is at least what it signed me in as there on its own whimsy.


My INGAME name will be Arina X'Hiari, and Sunshine is under strict orders to give her a "bad ass." She will be a swordsperson and carbineer, but I will be checking out the combat medic requirements soon. I will now be starting out on Corellia, as I would be completely and utterly alone on Tatooine. :(


I should be logging on around 3:00pm -7 GMT tomorrow if all goes well. Here is to hoping...:cool:

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