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World Government

World Government. Yes or no?  

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  1. 1. World Government. Yes or no?

    • Yes, good idea
    • No, I'm proud of my unique country
    • No, it'll never work
    • Only if there really needs to be one (Earth is threatened,etc.)

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Originally posted by Revan Solo

That isn't a good idea, I guess. One government could not solve all problems in all countries. It is impossible.

The smaller regions would be disregard, I think.

And all people must speak the same language! Try to give all nations the same language.:(

Holy Moly, this is an old-ass thread.


Yeah, since, I've changed my mind. Government is inherently corrupt, and on that scale... quite a bit of corruption.




-Small regions are disgregarded in the current system

-The current system doesn't solve the world's problems

-You can have provincial governments that speak different languages (UN format, in a way), and the highest level would have an official governmental language. OR, everyone could know every language (hah, that'll be the day).

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