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WIP: U.S.S Enterprise


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Sorry, guys, I haven't made an update in a while. I have the tactical panel done. Mainly, I have just gotten sick of trying to make it look perfect and put it off untill I feel like working on it again (indefinitely ;)). I plan on retexturing the floor to blue and red carpet.


These are the photos I am using for reference on the bridge:


Picture 1



Picture 2




Hmm, in the first picture the door on the far left is marked "Restroom"... I'm not totally sure if I'm going to add that.

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Originally posted by sematriclen

well i wish the best of luck with it.do you reckon you can have teleporters like in the real 1 or the engine room and stuff?


I'm going to give it a shot, teleporters aren't very hard at all to do.



Edit: I got a reply from a dev on Raven's messageboard. They say that I CAN use the textures from Elite Force, because it is also a Raven game. :D :D :D If you want, you can see the thread here.

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All right. Here are some screenshots.








What's left on my to-do list for the Bridge:


1. Tone down the carpet on the floor a bit.

2. Re-do the lighting

3. Add a domed ceiling with a hole in the center.

4. More curves

5. Change a few of the textures.

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Man...if you'd checked the date of the last post before yours in this thread it was 15 April 2003. Thats why you had to scroll through pages of this forum to find it. I could be wrong, the map may still be being worked on, but the odds are that was about as useful as sending a letter to Italy to tell Leonardo Da Vinci he made some errors with his Helicopter designs...

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