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New Jedi Outcast movie!

Jeff 42

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In one of Nutris old posts there was lniks to some Demo Recording Scripts on JK2files one being able to record up to 300 demos! Videomach you do need a Serial Number for I think,but I payed for it a long time ago when I was into making Counter-strike movies WAYYYYYYY before the JKO Movie making days (I dont even think JKO was out back then)

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heres the script: just copy and paste it into a notepad file, and rename it 'recordingdemos.cfg'



then put it in your base folder.



btw you can change the keys to start and stop the recording, i have them as f11 and f12 but yo ucan change it to any keys yo uhave spare.





teh script0r:






// Jk2Bindings

bind f11 vstr startswitch

bind f12 vstr stopswitch


set startswitch "g_synchronousClients 1;vstr rec_demo;g_synchronousClients 0"

set stopswitch "stoprecord; vstr nxt_demo; echo Recording Stopped.; echo Current Queue; rec_demo"


// Cycles 1-20

set demo_01 "set rec_demo record demo01; set prv_demo vstr demo_20; set nxt_demo vstr demo_02"

set demo_02 "set rec_demo record demo02; set prv_demo vstr demo_01; set nxt_demo vstr demo_03"

set demo_03 "set rec_demo record demo03; set prv_demo vstr demo_02; set nxt_demo vstr demo_04"

set demo_04 "set rec_demo record demo04; set prv_demo vstr demo_03; set nxt_demo vstr demo_05"

set demo_05 "set rec_demo record demo05; set prv_demo vstr demo_04; set nxt_demo vstr demo_06"

set demo_06 "set rec_demo record demo06; set prv_demo vstr demo_05; set nxt_demo vstr demo_07"

set demo_07 "set rec_demo record demo07; set prv_demo vstr demo_06; set nxt_demo vstr demo_08"

set demo_08 "set rec_demo record demo08; set prv_demo vstr demo_07; set nxt_demo vstr demo_09"

set demo_09 "set rec_demo record demo09; set prv_demo vstr demo_08; set nxt_demo vstr demo_10"

set demo_10 "set rec_demo record demo10; set prv_demo vstr demo_09; set nxt_demo vstr demo_11"

set demo_11 "set rec_demo record demo11; set prv_demo vstr demo_10; set nxt_demo vstr demo_12"

set demo_12 "set rec_demo record demo12; set prv_demo vstr demo_11; set nxt_demo vstr demo_13"

set demo_13 "set rec_demo record demo13; set prv_demo vstr demo_12; set nxt_demo vstr demo_14"

set demo_14 "set rec_demo record demo14; set prv_demo vstr demo_13; set nxt_demo vstr demo_15"

set demo_15 "set rec_demo record demo15; set prv_demo vstr demo_14; set nxt_demo vstr demo_16"

set demo_16 "set rec_demo record demo16; set prv_demo vstr demo_15; set nxt_demo vstr demo_17"

set demo_17 "set rec_demo record demo17; set prv_demo vstr demo_16; set nxt_demo vstr demo_18"

set demo_18 "set rec_demo record demo18; set prv_demo vstr demo_17; set nxt_demo vstr demo_19"

set demo_19 "set rec_demo record demo19; set prv_demo vstr demo_18; set nxt_demo vstr demo_20"

set demo_20 "set rec_demo record demo20; set prv_demo vstr demo_19; set nxt_demo vstr demo_01"


// set Assignments

set rec_demo record demo01

set prv_demo vstr demo_20

set nxt_demo vstr demo_02



// Sprayed bug free by TF_BioHazard

// May the Force be with you!

// http://www.teamfusion.org













edit: btw why was the how to make a vid thread de-stickied??





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